Yorkshire Cat Rescue has a limited number of foster homes which are being used for the temporary foster care of a cat or cats whilst an owner is in hospital. During the pandemic we understand that there will be people going into hospital and that with a lock-down in place there is a greater chance that owners will not be able to get family or friends to look after their cat or may struggle with gaining a place for their cat(s) in a cattery. Due to the limited number of foster homes we can only help in situations where no-one else is able to care for the cat(s).

Please fill out this form if you or someone you know is going into hospital with suspected coronavirus or has been affected by the COVID-19 situation such that they are not able to look after their cat(s) at this time. This includes stray cats or feral colonies that a person is no longer able to feed.

Once we receive the form we will contact you.  If we have a foster home vacant we will then ask you to fill out some further forms (online) to arrange collection of the cat(s). If a feeder is required we will let you know if a local supporter can help.

Please do not come to the centre with a cat, the centre is closed and there is no-one there to take a cat from you.