The campaign Give a Cat a Christmas has been set up by Yorkshire Cat Rescue with the aim to raise money for the charity so they can help more cats and kittens at a time when people are needing help with their animals more than ever.

Fundraiser Nic Willis said “There will be hundreds of homeless cats across Yorkshire this Christmas. As cat lovers it is hard for us to imagine a cat being abandoned and left alone on the streets, but sadly this will be the fate for many cats. For over 30 years we have offered our love and expert care to cats that need us, due to the kindness and commitment from our supporters.”

“Give a Cat a Christmas aims to spread the word that adopting a rescue cat not only gives a new owner a new friend, but also helps solve the problem of homelessness that many cats across the country are still facing.”

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Forrest relaxing

Yorkshire Cat Rescue helped a kitten called Forrest earlier in the year who is the star in this year's campaign. Forrest was born with a problem with his blood vessels connecting to his liver. He was very poorly and needed special surgery to ensure he could have a quality of life.

Luckily for Forrest, he is well on his way to a new carefree life which wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful generosity of the general public. By taking action today, you can help Yorkshire Cat Rescue to ensure that more cats and kittens like Forrest live the best lives possible.