We have already received a huge amount of support and donations from people who want to help us continue to care for cats and to continue as a charity.  Thank you so much.

Donate to Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Please read and donate on our appeal if you would like to donate money to us. Please too, have a look at this page,  which shows ways you can help us raise funds, how to join our online quizzes and lottery and how to get cat food to us. This is what we are using donations for during COVID-19. Thank you.

Become an emergency foster carer for our rescue cats

We do have some restrictions on new foster carers right now as we are not able to do foster inductions. We are however, taking applications for people who want to help us foster the cats we have now and the cats we may take in during COVID-19.  If you are interested in being a foster carer for us, please apply here.  We will ask you about the type of fostering you what to do now and/or in the future.

Help spread the word about Yorkshire Cat Rescue

We are continuing to share our stories on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.  We are also finding new ways to get our supporters involved with what we do.  Please continue to like, share and interact with our posts and pictures. Thank you.