What your donation during COVID-19 helps us to do

Care for YCR cats

Although the centre is closed we are still caring for cats in our foster homes and still responding to emergencies when cats' lives are in danger.  We have 63 cats in our care at the time of writing and with kitten season starting we expect to take more cats in over the coming weeks.  These cats are being cared for by volunteers but all their food, litter and veterinary care is provided by the charity.

We continue to support some medical conditions of cats we have adopted to owners when the cat has an ongoing medical issues. We do this to ensure elderly and sick cats get their chance at being re-homed. 

Run our van

With the centre closed any cats we take in we collect and deliver to a foster home. This means we can also transfer cats according to DEFRAs guidelines.  We are also transporting essential supplies and medicines to cats in foster care.

Pay staff

Some of our cat care team and all our charity shop staff have been furloughed.  We do however, have a core of staff working to ensure we can still care for the cats we have, support our foster carers, raise funds, communicate to you and each other, pay our bills and remain open for the public to contact us regarding cats they are concerned about.

Secure our future

The money we usually get from our charity shops and fundraising events is what we use to do what we do.  It's how we pay our vet bills. We do not know how long before we can again rely on these sources of income. Thank you for helping us as we aim to continue to take in, care for and adopt out hundreds of cats this year and every year.