What does a Cat Accommodation Volunteer do?

Our Cat Accommodation Volunteers make sure that the cat accommodation is clean, tidy and suitable for the cats that are living in them. They also help with ensuring that when a cat has left for their new home the accommodation is thoroughly disinfected and then set up for a new arrival. If they are helping in a pen that has a resident cat they will also spend time socialising with the cat making the cleaning a pleasant experience for the cat (and the volunteer!)

What’s involved?

  • Cleaning the messy areas in an occupied pen or cat pod
  • Clearing out a vacated pen of all items, disinfecting pen walls and floor and then disinfecting the cat furniture and toys
  • Setting up pens by adding blankets, water and food bowls and other items to pens after cleaning
  • Spending time enriching the cats lives by either sitting with them or engaging them with play and handling 

What skills are needed to do this role?

  • Willingness to get stuck in with cleaning
  • Able to follow procedures
  • Some physical fitness and mobility is required as the role usually involves bending, stretching, kneeling and moving equipment
  • Be calm and confident around cats

Due to the nature of this role we would ask only people 16 years and over to apply

Why should you become a Cat Accommodation Volunteer?

Our Accommodation Volunteers make our sure the cats are happy and comfortable in a hygienic environment. They enrich their lives too by keeping them company whilst they are here. Every time an Accommodation Volunteer finishes cleaning and setting up a vacated pen is the time we can get another needy cat into rescue and into a new home. You will also be part of us being able to present a great looking cattery to our customers meaning we get recommended and more cats get homes (and more pens to clean!) Our Accommodation Volunteers know how much they help get cats into new and loving homes. You will also learn about cat behaviour, expanding your knowledge of cats, their personalities and needs. You will also meet new people and be part of a dedicated and friendly team of volunteers.

When does the accommodation need cleaning?

Our Accommodation Volunteers are most helpful in the mornings as we like to have all the accommodation clean before lunch.  Accommodation Volunteers are usually at our centre for one to two hours. We currently have vacancies for weekday mornings.

Additional information

Yorkshire Cat Rescue welcomes and values its volunteers. They help us make a difference to the lives of cats when they need it most. To ensure our volunteers feel happy and supported we provide support through an induction and training. There are always friendly and approachable staff members on site that will assist volunteers in everything they do. 

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