Meet Gravy (yes that is his name) and he is this weeks Cat Of The Week at Yorkshire Cat Rescue. 

Gravy is 4 and was found wandering the streets all by himself which is why he has come to stay. We found out he has FIV which means he is more vulnerable to infection so he needs to be kept inside away from germs and other cats. As he has FIV this means he can't go to a home with other cats - he also would prefer a home without other children or animals as this will help him with his stress. 

He is a lovely boy who's always after some fuss and attention (all the attention must be on him!) Gravy is also a big fan of food and will definitely let you know when he's hungry - we would say he has got one of the loudest "MEOWS!" we've ever heard! 

To find out more and fill in an application to adopt this special handsome lad click the button below. 

Black and white cat in pen

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