Say hello to Artful Dodger! 

"Hi there, I’m the Artful Dodger! I'm a fantastic young cat searching for my furever home. I'm here at YCR after I was handed into the vets. The vets found that I had a hole in the roof of my mouth 🙀 this meant that whenever I ate there was a risk that food could get in my nasal passage and it made me cough and sneeze so much! But not to worry, I had a special surgery to patch it up and I'm all fixed up now! I will need to be kept an eye on just while I'm still healing up but the hoomans here will explain everything you need to know about it and once I'm all healed I'll be right as rain! Now some more about ME. I'm an amazing super friendly boy who just loves to explore and play all the time, my favourites are wand toys and crinkly balls - I like to carry them around in my mouth! I can’t wait to have adventures outside, I'm always watching the outside world from the window, it will be soooo much fun. I also love you hoomans and give the best head bumps and purry cuddles while sitting on your lap. My other favourite thing is eating! Food, food and more food, it’s honestly the best thing ever! And if you ever see me trying to steal your lovely buttered toast... it was that other cat that just looks exactly like me... ANYWAY if you have any small hoomans I would ask that they be over 12. And I've never lived with other cats or dogs before so I'm not sure what I'd be like with those... but I'm the most fantastic boy in the world so go look for the blue "Reserve a Cat" button and fill in an application form ASAP! You will need my name and reference no. which is 227/22! I can't wait to hear from you! x x x x x x"

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