Nessie is 8 and is still looking for her forever home at Yorkshire Cat Rescue! We are really sad that she hasn't had much interest and we really want to find her a special home. She is very chirpy and always comes out to say hello when we go into her pen.

She is such a sweetie, but it will take a little time for her to come and say hello so please be very patient with her and let her do everything in her own time. The longer Nessie has been with us though the more friendly she has become and she is coming out for fusses more and more!

Black and white cat at Yorkshire Cat Rescue

We are looking for a quiet home for Nessie as she can be quite jumpy so she will need to be the only cat in the home - with no children under 12. Do you think you could have the home for her? Please click the buttom below to fill in an application form!

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