Did you know cats can worry and stress just like us? This is Quinn a little sweetheart who unfortunately is very good at worrying :( When he was first adopted he went to live in a home with another cat, but instead of being happy in his new home the worry got too much for Quinn to bear and he stopped eating!

If a cat stops eating their body uses their fat deposits as energy, and because cats normally eat a diet high in protein it means their livers aren't very good at processing fat. When the fat gets deposited in the liver this can cause their liver to not work as well, and the problem can become so serious it can result in death.

Quinn's owners knew they had to act fast to ensure their baby could start eating again and live a happy life, so they took him here to us so we could look after him and eventually find him a new home.  We rushed him straight to the vets to see what they could do and they gave us medication to help his liver to function. We are really pleased to say Quinn has now started eating again, but the road to recovery isn't over just yet. The stress of being here in the centre can also be too much for cats so we will need to constantly monitor Quinn to make sure he carries on eating and making progress. 


 Yorkshire Cat Rescue provides a place for cats to get new homes. Sometimes this is not because their owners don't want them, but because their home isn't right for them.  Please donate to help our lovely boy Quinn, and other cats like him,  so we can ensure they get the medical treatment they need and in the end the home they deserve. 

Thank you x