Long haired trim-colour cat wearing buster collar at Yorkshire Cat Rescue


Meet our lovely Poppy.

Poppy came into our centre earlier this year with multiple health conditions.

She has cancer, a luxating patella (her knee joint keeps slipping out of place) and a sensitive skin which makes her feel uncomfortable.

Poppy has had many vet visits and will need more in the future.

Poppy was diagnosed with cancer on her ear tips.  This is something that is commonly seen on white cats or cats with white ears and is more unusual on cats with coloured fur and skin on their ear tips.

Poppy underwent surgery to remove ear cancerous ear tips and after a period of recovery we are confident that all the cancer was removed.

We have decided to monitor her knee to see if surgery is required.  Sometimes cats cope with such conditions if they are moderate - time will tell but we hope for Poppy's sake that no surgery is needed.  It will be major surgery and will have a long recovery time so we are all hoping that she will manage without it.

The biggest concern is her skin.  Poor little Poppy has been pulling, biting, licking and chewing at her fur to the extent that it has become infected in places.

We have tried various medications with limited success and we are now looking at changing her medication again and changing her diet in case it is due to an allergy.

Her healing is slow and there may be other things going on that we don't know about, but we will do everything we can to make her more comfortable and to cure her if we can.

Please help us with a donation towards our funds.  Our vet bills this year are astronomical and if you can help us a little it will make such a difference to us.

Thank you for your amazing support >^..^<

Here's our girl looking at the world outside whilst she has a bit of supervised time away from her collar.

Cat looking out of a window at Yorkshire Cat Rescue