Olivia came to us from a desperate situation. She was not only living in a multi cat household, but she also had 3 tiny two week old babies with her as well. Luckily we were able to take her, but we realised very quickly that  something was very wrong. Her breathing was laboured with her little chest pushing in and out like a pair of bellows as she struggled to breathe, and she was scarily thin around her abdomen area. 

We rushed her straight to the vets and, as we suspected, they diagnosed her with a diaphragmatic hernia (a ruptured diaphragm) which is caused by blunt force or trauma. A diaphragmatic hernia is when the diaphragm - which separates all the internal organs from the lungs and rib cages - is ruptured, causing all the organs in the abdomen to get pushed up into the lungs.  This of course makes it very very difficult - almost impossible - to breathe.

We think this helpless girl was possibly kicked or hit by a car to sustain injuries so severe and of course giving birth to kittens will have only made things so much worse, putting so much extra pressure on her and on her little lungs.

Olivia's brave body was now being pushed to the limit.  The vets knew they had to act fast to save her, but they did not give her a strong chance of survival.  It was going to be very touch and go as to whether she made it or not. 

Thankfully Olivia seems to be some sort of miracle cat! After a tense few hours, we received a call from the vets to tell us that not only did she make it through the operation, but she was now eating well, chirruping and being a very attentive mummy to her 3 kittens. You can imagine how relieved everyone was, including our wonderful vets.

Cat with scar feeding kittens at Yorkshire Cat Rescue
The operation to save her was extremely expensive.  Our regular bills are coming in at around £10,000 per month at the moment, and we will have to find the money on top of this to fund Olivia's surgery.

Please support us with a donation - or better still a regular donation - a few pounds every month will help us save the lives of unwanted and unloved cats. 

Thank you x

And to those of you who already donate regularly - many many thanks.  We couldn't do it without you!

And here's an update - Olivia and kittens are doing really well.  The kittens were poorly not long after Olivia had her operation, with a type of cat flu called calici virus. Luckily they made a full recovery, and just to demonstrate how amazing Olivia is, she accepted a little orphan kitten of the same age who is playing with her babies and learning how to be a proper cat.  This beautiful girl never ceases to amaze us!

Ginger kitten at Yorkshire Cat Rescue Black and white kitten at Yorkshire Cat Rescue Two 2 black and white kittens at Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Ron, Olivia's boy kitten                Mathilda, Olivia's little stowaway     Harriet & Hermione, Olivia's girls