Nelly is tiny 9 month old baby who has had a really awful time. She was found outside as a stray and the person who found her was so concerned they rushed her straight  to a vet. Nelly was tiny, extremely underweight, ridden with fleas + ear mites and to make things worse she also had an extreme case of cat flu. The vets contacted us for help and we knew we had to get this girl into our care. 

Nelly seems so sad and whilst she loves a fuss she is very drained and it takes a lot out of her to move around and groom herself. Our first concern was treating everything we could see so she started medication and scrubs to treat the fleas and cat flu. 

It looked as though something more sinister might be going on and we were worried Nelly could have either FIV/FIP so we paid for some bloods to be sent off to a specialist lab in Glasgow. FIV is feline aids which leaves cats vulnerable to infection and FIP is a potentially fatal virus. Thankfully her tests came back negative so we sent off for some more bloods to determine what else was going on to make Nelly so poorly. 

Whilst we still can't say for sure what's going on, after her latest blood results came back it looks as though Nelly has a severe infection which she is struggling to fight off. We are treating this infection as best we can and will be keeping an eye on her to monitor the situation and ensure she is out of pain and comfortable.

If that wasn't enough Nelly also had to undergo a dental procedure due to her mouth being in such a mess and she will need another once she has recovered from the first and gained some strength. This poor sweet girl has been through so much and it is heartbreaking to see her in such a state. 

We are determined to give her a better quality of life but we can only pay for the treatments and medication that she needs with your support. So far we have spent £519.76 on Nelly's care and these costs are only going to go up. Please help us with a donation if you can, and if you can afford it please make a monthly donation so we can save the lives of more kitties like her. 

Thank you x