Little Margo was handed into a vets as a stray. At only 7 weeks old she was without a mother and all alone so we knew we had to get her to us as soon as possible.  Being on the streets is no place for a helpless kitten and it was clear to us once she got here that this had affected her and her health. 

Her ears were full of wax, she didn't know how to behave around us (major cattitdue) and to top everything off her eyes were really sore, swollen and painful. We knew this was causing her distress so we immediately sent her off to the vets to see what was going on. 

The vets told us that this miniature kitten had sadly ruptured one of her tiny eyes, but because there was an infection there they had to clear this up first.

Sadly no amount of creams or drops worked and the vets decided the best thing for Margo as she was in such pain and discomfort was to remove her eye. After everything she has been through she now needed an operation and at such a young age too! Everyone was so nervous - it is a scary thing putting such a tiny baby through such a big operation.

Even though she looks small and helpless, this girl is a fighter and so courageous. She got through the operation and even though she was a little groggy the first few days, she eventually started feeling more like herself! 

Margo is now living her life like a kitten should be. She's warm, well fed and has been playing and getting up to mischief in her foster home! Her eye operation has made the world of difference to her quality of life and without people like you we couldn't pay for these operations and treatments that so many cats so desperately need.

If you can please help us by making a donation - or better still a regular donation - a few pounds every month will help us save and improve the lives of cats who are unwanted and unloved. Let's all make a difference together. 

Thank you x

Here's an update! - Little Margo is having fun in foster and her eye is healing really well. Look at those toe beans!

black and white cat with one eye at YCR