Meet Prudence, a young cat who is now beginning her long rehabilitation journey

Prudence, her mum and a new litter of kittens had unceremoniously been dumped on a farm. Sadly, the local farm dog killed the mother - leaving the kittens and their big sister vulnerable and hiding in a woodpile for a month. They only survived because neighbours left food out, and were finally able to capture the little family.

Sadly, one of Prudence's kneecaps had been badly dislocated, and efforts to save her leg are now underway.

Prudence has been fortunate to receive physiotherapy to strengthen and relieve her leg and shoulder muscles as she grows. Kirsty, a local animal physiotherapist came to visit Prudence and left her daily sets of exercises.   Once she has grown up she will be assessed in case surgery will help correct her joint. But while she waits, she is testing out a new, state of the art cat frame that has been donated to the centre by the cat food company Whiskas.

Prudence is an amazing character with a great spirit and lots of energy. She doesn't think there is anything wrong with her at all (there isn't) and will give you little kisses - especially if you have been eating something interesting!

She currently has a bit of a wonky walk but hopefully she will make a good recovery and she will be able to keep her fourth leg functional! Cats can do very well on three legs but with four she will have an easier time running and jumping. She will also 'have a spare leg' if she develops arthritis due to her condition in the future. She really is worth all the effort and we will do all that we can to see her through this.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue is appealing for support to help pay for Prudence's treatment, which could prove expensive.