Hundreds of cats will come to us this Winter needing treatment

Will you help us to give a cat a better life this Christmas?


As Christmas is fast approaching, Yorkshire Cat Rescue continues to be here for every cat and kitten who needs us. For over 30 years we have been able to offer our love and expert care to cats, due to the kindness and commitment from our supporters. 

It is wonderful to see so many cats in happy homes across the country, but many still don’t have a home, or will be born into one that cannot afford to keep them. As a charity, we are overwhelmed with the demand for our services and are struggling to keep up with the amount of cats needing help. We have so many cats who come in needing pain relief and treatment for cat flu. We also pay for every cat or kitten to be neutered, chipped and vaccinated before they are adopted. If a cat comes in with ongoing health issues or even a terminal condition, we will cover any related vet costs for the rest of their lives and will place them in our fospice care system. The cost of providing this level of care each month is approximately £13,000! 

A gift of £10 could help us give a cat a chance of a happy healthy life. 

We are all cat lovers and it is hard to imagine a cat in pain and needing help, so we would be very grateful if you could help us make a difference to more cats in need this Christmas. By giving just £10 you could help us to say to a cat who needs to come in and provide them with food and warmth. 

Giving £25 will make a difference to a cat in need.

Black and white kitten Rodney

The cost of living crisis is massively impacting the animal welfare sector as some people can no longer afford to care or pay for treatment for their animals. Sadly, we are seeing a high increase of animals being put out on the street and left to fend for themselves and this has had a huge impact on our vet bills. This is Rodney. He was found outside a single kitten without a mummy or siblings in sight. He's been quite poorly since coming to us and has spent days at the vets on fluids as he wasn't eating and was quite flat. He is doing better now but it doesn't stop there. We are seeing an increasing number of cats like Rodney needing help and more of them are coming into us in horrendous conditions after being on the streets, and having illnesses that have not been treated sooner. This has left us with so much worry and dread about the winter months, so we have no other option than to ask for your help again.

A gift of £50 could help give a cat the medical treatment they desperately need. 

This Christmas we would like your help to raise enough funds to cover as many months of vet bills as we can. Just for Rodney to stay at the vets for a few days cost us a couple of hundred pounds. On top of this we will have his neuter, chip and vaccination to cover and any future emergency vet visits he might need. This festive season alone will cost approximately £26,000, please can you help?

Every life is important to us. This is why we are Trusted By Cats. 


Thank you from everyone here at Yorkshire Cat Rescue and big purrs and kisses from all our cats & kittens! 

Poorly kittens