Chicken noodle came to us with his siblings. They were living in a  multi-cat household and the owner could no longer cope. They desperately needed medical care so we took them in. We noticed straight away that the kittens were underweight, extremely lethargic and very sick. After doing some tests we found out they all had cat flu, the dreaded parvo virus (which explained all the vomiting and diarrhoea) and ringworm.  We immediately placed all the kittens in quarantine and did our best to get them fluids and treatments. 

Sadly we lost 6 out of the 12 kittens to the parvo virus and were devastated. It took a huge toll on the team, but we couldn’t give up - we had six more kittens who needed us! Chicken Noodle was the smallest of the litter and seemed to be extremely lethargic so we were very concerned as to whether he would make it. We knew something was seriously wrong when his abdomen swelled to the size of an adult human hand so we rushed him to the vets. 

After many, many tests we got the devastating news that Chicken Noodle had FIP. FIP is a viral disease and is caused by coronarius. Coronavirus infection is extremely widespread where large numbers of cats are kept together, however the infection can mutate and in rare cases turn into FIP which was always fatal - until a new treatment this year was found. 

The FIP had caused damage to and inflammation of Chicken Noodles’ blood vessels which resulted in fluid leaking from his blood into his abdomen. We were worried the fluid would go to his lungs as this can cause difficulty breathing and many infected cats suffocate, or even drown.  Thankfully it didn’t and after his diagnosis we immediately started anti viral treatment as this was his only chance of survival. 

The treatment is long (an injection every day for 84 days) and very expensive at around £250 a vial. The overall treatment cost will be between £2,500 to £3,000 depending on how he reacts. On top of the energy bill crisis, mounting costs and the cost of living we are struggling and desperately need your help so we can pay for these and save Chicken Noodles' life. 

This baby boy has really been through it and we are determined to give him the best possible chance of survival and improve his quality of life. Please help us with a donation if you can, and if you can afford it please make a monthly donation so we can save the lives of more little babies like him. 

Thank you x