Bandit and Dobby are heartbreakingly both blind. We don't know if they were born like that but it is more likely that they had a serious bout of cat flu back when they were kittens.  We knew they needed treatment urgently as there is one type of  of cat flu that can damage cats eyes so much that it destroys them completely. To top this off Bandit also tested positive for ringworm which meant we had to separate him from Dobby so he could get treatment and prevent the ringworm from spreading. Despite this setback, both cats have learned to cope well with their disability and have worked out that the best way to tell where things are in the world are by using their nose, ears, whiskers and of course a helpful friend! Both cats are now in separate foster homes and even though they missed each other at first they are settling in well. 

As we got the cats to the vets we found out that both Dobby and Bandit had some remains of their eye in their open sockets and unfortunately this can make them very vulnerable to infections there. Their eyelashes could also aggravate the socket and make them uncomfortable, even painful. Our vet has recommended that these sockets get surgically repaired so that they will be more comfortable and their eye sockets will have no risk of infection. We knew we had to get this done as soon as possible, as the last thing we want is for any cat to be in pain or to suffer. To remove the remains of four eyes and closing four eye sockets has been a massive task for our vets with each cat requiring hours of surgery. This complex surgery has now been completed for both cats and we are pleased to say they are both healing well. The surgey will make them happier and more comfortable but each cat has cost us approximately £800.

Blind cat at Yorkshire Cat Rescue                                          Blind cat at Yorkshire CatRescue

                                          Dobby                                                                          Bandit

With the past year and the challenges we faced we are at a slight disadvantage now and need all the help we can to pay for these vet bills. We are appealing to anyone to please help us to cover the cost of these treatments by making a donation, or better still a regular donation as having a few pounds extra each month will help us to say yes to more cats like Bandit & Dobby who so desperately need love and care.