Meet Aslan. It is almost as if the wonky eared ginger cat of our logo walked into our rescue! Only Aslan didn't find his own way to us, he was handed into a vets in a very sorry state. Skinny, matted, cauliflower ears, scabby, rotten teeth, covered in fleas and with horrendous diarrhea. He was an un-neutered male cat that had been living the tough life on the streets. He was getting older and it was really taking it out of him.

The vets weren't sure about sending him to us. They thought he would take a lot of fixing up for a cat that nobody would want. We knew there would be someone out there for him so we are going about the process of fixing him up.

Ginger cat at Yorkshire Cat Rescue

It has taken our vets a lot of investigation to find the more unusual cause of his terrible diarrhea and get him the medication that cures it. Many baths (he is not a fan!) later and he is starting to look and smell better! He came to us needing blood tests, an extensive dental, a scan for bowel disease, investigations into his persistent diarrhea along with the neutering, chipping and vaccinating that for every cat. He also needed friends and he has made plenty! He may look sad but he is the happiest ray of sunshine at our centre. He loves to come to you for cuddles and strokes - we can't imagine how lonely Aslan must have been living on the streets

Aslan's vet bills are high and we need your help. Please donate towards his vet costs if you can, and if you can afford it, please set up a monthly donation so that we will have the funds to care for other cats like him. Taking in cats like Aslan and making them better is what we do, but we can only do this with your help.

Thank you