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Picture of LorneWithout our supporters remembering Yorkshire Cat Rescue in their wills we wouldn’t be here today. You can read more about the work we do here

Leaving a gift to YCR is a great way to save the lives of cats and kittens for years to come. You can make a difference to cats like Lorne. This poor little girl came to us after being found in a garden with what looked like injuries to her back legs and hips - most likely done by a car. She could barely walk and needed urgent care at the vets. She also had one of the worst cases of fleas we have ever seen, and with her legs being so badly damaged she wouldn't have been able to scratch and must have been so uncomfortable and in so much pain. 

We rushed her to our vets as soon as we got her and they realised very quickly that she had severe breaks on both sides of her pelvis which needed to be treated by a specialist. We knew without treatment Lorne would not make it, so we sent her off to see the specialist vet. They told us the type of surgery Lorne needed would be very complex and later on we found out that it was one of the most complicated operations they had done for quite a long time.

Poor Lorne had to have pins put in both sides of her pelvis, and her pelvis repaired, as well as 6 weeks of cage rest. The surgery cost us £4,000 and on top of this we also paid for her food and stay with us along with other medications that she needed. This was all before we got her neutered, chipped and treated for fleas and worms. 

Thanks to legacy donations we can pay for these treatments and ensure that cats like Lorne do not get put down. We want to give every cat and kitten a chance to live life to the full and in happy forever homes.

Writing a will is the only way to ensure your final wishes for your estate are fulfilled. A clearly written will also helps avoid unnecessary stress or confusion for loved ones at an already difficult time. Look after those you care about and help our charity by putting a will together. We have teamed up with Farewill to offer you a free will writing service. Or you can also use any solicitor, all you need to know is 

Our registered charity number  - 1160138

Our registered charity name - Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Write Your Free Will and Support Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Step 1 

Who do you want to remember in your will, loved ones and charity. 

Step 2

Visit our personalised page over at Farewill 

Or if you prefer to speak to someone go to this link

If you have your own solicitor it can also be done through them. 

Step 3 

Follow the steps and finish the process to confirm your will

Yorkshire Cat Rescue pays for these wills so we do ask for you to keep this in mind if using this service. 

Farewill is the largest will writer in the UK, and has won multiple awards for its service, including National Will Writing Firm of the Year 2019 & 2020 at the British Wills and Probate Awards.

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Want to speak to a member of the YCR team just drop us an email at [email protected] and someone will call you back within 3 working days.