Month long cage rest almost over for Alma

A pregnant kitten found with a broken pelvis is nearing the end of her recovery, and is looking for a new home.Read more

Charity issues special appeal for its 1000th cat

As 2017 drew to an end, Yorkshire Cat Rescue welcomed its 1000th rescue cat for the first time ever in a single year. Sadly, 13-year old Joe didn’t feel particularly extraordinary when he arrived at the re-homing centre in Keighley, and now the charity has issued a special appeal to try and find him a loving home.Read more

Dumped cat finally found

A cat dumped unceremoniously in the car park of Yorkshire Cat Rescue three weeks ago has finally been captured alive.Read more

Stolen charity plates fuels fine fears

The number plates from a van belonging to Yorkshire Cat Rescue have been stolen from the charity's centre.Read more

Lonely Lulu's Christmas wish

Staff at Yorkshire Cat Rescue have issued a plea to try a find a home for its longest resident cat in time for Christmas. Tabby cat Lulu is just two years old but has spent almost half of her life with the charity.Read more

Blind kitten duo given vet approval to find forever home

Two kittens rescued from a council estate earlier this year - one blind and the other partially sighted - have amazed staff, volunteers and vets by taking on life against all odds.Read more

Cat charity shops increase help by 60%

Yorkshire Cat Rescue is celebrating the five-year anniversary of its first charity shop, which has helped increase the number of cats saved by a staggering 60%.Read more

Dreary Christmas on the cards for rescue cats

Yorkshire Cat Rescue is hoping to make December a little tastier for its temporary residents by launching an appeal for turkey-flavoured wet food.Read more

Charity saves 33 cats from single household

Yorkshire Cat Rescue has urged housing associations to more actively support tenants in managing their pets, after one man's cat became 33 in just two years.Read more

Charity awarded £20k to help cover £80k vet bill

Impressed that Yorkshire Cat Rescue now saves over 1000 cats each year and offer them the best possible care, the biggest funder of pet rescues in the UK has awarded the charity a £20k grant.Read more

Charities join forces to tackle feral cat colony

Four Yorkshire animal charities have pooled their resources to humanely address an out-of-control feral cat colony in Dewsbury.Read more

Twice returned cat seeks loving home

One of the oldest residents at Yorkshire Cat Rescue is hoping for third time lucky after he was adopted and returned twice.Read more

Charity seeks home for cat three-times returned

Yorkshire Cat Rescue is appealing for a family to take in a cat who has been unlucky a staggering three times in finding a permanent home.Read more

Dramatic rescue of kittens born on roof

The successful end of a 3-day rescue mission to save a family of stray cats has inspired the founder of a cat charity to call for more people to take action when they see kittens outside.Read more

Charity issues plea for compassion and support

The founder of Yorkshire Cat Rescue has urged people to think twice before criticising charities for not doing enough.Read more

Stray adopts orphans hours after losing her own kittens

A young stray cat has demonstrated amazing parental instincts after adopting two poorly kittens just hours after losing the last kitten of her own litter of five.Read more

Gruelling treatment regime for 22 cats at risk prompts charity plea for help

Yorkshire Cat Rescue is appealing for donations to help treat 22 cats saved from a life in squalid conditions and all suffering from a highly contagious fungal infection. The cats were facing a bleak and uncertain future when environmental health officers demanded their immediate eviction from the chaotic home they shared with an elderly owner.Read more

Straight ahead is the way forward for wobbly kitten

At just a week old, the kitten now known as Count William von Tippleover was taken to a vet in Halifax to be put to sleep because his head was tilting to one side. Instead, the vet called Yorkshire Cat Rescue...Read more

Cats saved from hoarding household

A large number of cats have been rescued from the home of a recently deceased woman in Yorkshire who had been keeping them in poor conditions. Sadly, several kittens have since died – prompting fresh calls for people to neuter their cats.Read more

Final stop on the road for cancer-struck stray

A 15-year old stray has found a final loving home through rehoming charity, Yorkshire Cat Rescue – despite suffering from terminal cancer.Read more

Charity sees record number of cats rehomed

Yorkshire Cat Rescue has recorded an 18% rise in the number of cats re-homed in October and a 68% increase in November compared with those same two months last year.Read more

Pregnant cats top list of felines in need

New figures from a Yorkshire cat charity have revealed that the largest group of cats being rescued to be un-neutered mother cats and their kittens. The data has prompted the charity to sound the alarm and urge people to neuter their cats before they reach full maturity.Read more

Charity calls for an end to pet lockout

Yorkshire Cat Rescue has called on private landlords to consider granting requests to keep pets in rented accommodation, as the number of abandoned cats rises.Read more