Saving strays

Meet Marigold and her only baby Charmander! Read more

Springtime for our old boy

Spring is here and our longer term fospice cat Igor is very happy about it! Read more

Cat Friendly Re-Homing

Here is a story about Sadie one of our cats who we are assessing at Yorkshire Cat Rescue. Read more

An increase in strays

Sadly Yorkshire Cat Rescue has noticed an increase in the number of strays being brought to the centre. Read more

Making a difference

This week Yorkshire Cat Rescue rescued some kittens from a very sad situation. Read more

Igor and his tail!

Igor is back with a long awaited update on how things are going,. He is one of our long term fospice cats at Yorkshire Cat Rescue. Read more

Dollie's re-homing story!

Those of you who have been following us for a while might remember Dollie who came to us last year, a very sweet little girl who unfortunately had severe cat flu and miscarried her kittens while with us. This is her re-homing story! Read more

A sweet tribute

Izzie came into our care at the age of 16. This is her tribute. Read more

A meeting with an MP!

We met with Keighley and Ilkley MP Robbie Moore and his assistant Eleanor this week. Read more

Helping stray cats

Yorkshire Cat Rescue have taken in a kitty off the streets, meet George! Read more

A Happy Reunion

The power of the microchip enabled Yorkshire Cat Rescue to reunite a 17 year old cat with his hoomans. Read more

Helping kittens like Gizmo

Gizmo was found as part of a feral colony in Bradford and taken in by Yorkshire Cat Rescue. This is his story. Read more