Don’t go wobbly this January, go Dry and let your savings save cats and kittens!

Take on the ultimate test of willpower and give up alcohol this January for Yorkshire Cat Rescue. Not only will you have a hangover-free month but by donating the money you save you can make a real difference for unwanted cats and kittens, making them wanted and loved!

So ditch that drink for 31 days, you will feel better and thanks to your donations we can do better!

Leave the wobbly to others. Some can’t help it though, like little Shai –
As her owner Sharon explains: “Shai came into our lives when YCR approached us as experienced Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) owners about a kitten they had with CH. It is a non-progressive, non-contagious neurological condition that results in walking and balance problems. The severity of a kitten’s CH can vary greatly and while some cats may only have a slight wobbly gait, others may have significant trouble getting around, with some not able to walk at all. It’s important to remember that these cats are not sick, weak or hurt; they are simply uncoordinated.

CH cats are known for their drunken walk, which is why they’re known endearingly as “wobblers”.  Shai is classed as moderate, so she can walk, albeit with a cute little swagger, but sometimes, especially when she’s excited, has a tendency to lose all her co-ordination and fall over. Shai also experiences head tremors, which is an uncontrollable shaking of her head which again is more exaggerated the more excitable or focused she gets.  Although Shai’s condition will not improve, she has learned to adapt through some physical therapy and through her own problem solving.  So for example, she has learned that she can steady herself better when eating if she puts her foot in her bowl as previously she kept falling over.  She’s also learned that if she uses a litter tray with high sides, she can lean against it for extra stability which results in less baths, something I am sure she is very happy about!

Shai is a loveable cheeky little girl with her wide eyes that always look like they have a question in them.  She does not let her disability hold her back and will “run” around chasing toys or attempt flying squirrel jumps onto the sofas and bed.  She is so full of life and everyone she meets falls instantly in love with her.   

Some people think that having a disabled cat, especially one with problems walking, must be very limiting for the animal, and that they won’t have much quality of life; how wrong people can be.  Shai has traveled up and down the UK and loves going on her holidays, having fun on the beach, walking down promenades, going into shops and even going into pubs and restaurants, all the while making sure she gets as many chin and belly rubs as she possibly can from the public as she shouts “hello” to everyone who passes by.  She loves the attention and we love that she is educating people about her disability showing that animals do not have to be needlessly put to sleep just because they are different.   

I am so thankful that YCR understands that each life is precious and gave Shai such a great start in life.”