Meet Harvey - a special cat with a special friend

This month saw everyone donning their caps for Wear a Hat Day to raise awareness about brain tumours.  As you know not just humans gets brain tumours, animals do too. We are currently caring for one, the sweetest kittie called Harvey. Most you of probably recognise Harvey and his long tail….sorry….tale to find a new home.

During that time he became erratic, no longer quite the same Harvey that we all knew and loved. He needed a proper check up. Was it that he had moved several times, never really settling down. Or the fact that he got agitated around other cats. Sadly it was none of the reasons.

Harvey was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour. It affects his behaviour making him forgetful and confused. It has even affected the way he walks about. It has turned the confident Harvey into a vulnerable cat who meows loudly when alone.

Sadly there is no cure but there is one type of treatment that makes Harvey's life happier and easier. Having a kind and patient carer to reassure him and help him do all the things that other cats find easy. We are very grateful to his foster carer who will look after Harvey until his tumour affects him so much that he no longer has a quality life.

To Harvey she is his world.

Please donate to help pay for Harvey's ongoing care in his foster home