Little Trinket was found living in a garden as a stray with her mummy and 3 brothers. After being handed into a local vet they all came to us where we noticed that Trinket was half the size of her brothers and she only had one eye. We sent her to our vets so they could examine her and they believed she was only born with the one eye as the eye socket structures looked “normal”. 

Trinket went out to foster, and despite having fun playing and learning to be a kitten again she also had to suffer with daily eye drops and antibiotics for weeks on end because of multiple infections in her eye. The vets eventually decided they would have to close up her eye socket to prevent further problems, but couldn’t do so until all the infections had cleared up. Eventually, after multiple vet visits, swabs, tests and treatments Trinket was finally able to have her surgery. 

Once sedated the vet examined her eye socket carefully and found a structure that they believed was an undeveloped eyeball entwined in blood vessels deep in the socket. They felt it was too risky to remove and cleaned and closed the eye socket, hoping it wouldn’t cause any future problems. 

After this ordeal Trinket was put back on antibiotics and returned to her foster home where she did really well. Unfortunately a few days later her eye socket suddenly swelled up and she was rushed back to the vets where her wound needed to be drained. Again she recovered really well and was finally able to head off to her new home with her new mummy who was going to continue the care of her eye.

Despite all the vets best efforts the eye continued to drain fluid so Trinket's extremely worried mummy took her to see an eye specialist. The specialist decided that Trinket would need further surgery to try and remove the undeveloped eyeball as she believed that it has and would cause constant infections. The surgery was going to be extremely complex and we were so worried for this small helpless kitty who had gone through so much already! 

Trinket is a warrior though and she fought through that operation like a true champ. She is so brave and we are really pleased to say she is doing well and living life to the full. Her specialist care and operations hasn't come cheap though and  despite her owner doing everything she can to fundraise and help us with the costs, there is still a lot of money left to pay towards the bill. 

Cat before and after eye operation at Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Before and after! 

If you can please help us by making a donation - or better still a regular donation, as having a few extra pounds each month will help us to give kittens and cats like Trinket the chance to live a healthy and happy life. 

Thank you x


We are pleased to let you know that Trinket continues to make a full recovery and is a happy and healthy cat, living her best life.

Thank you to each and every one of you who made donations to help her recovery.  You have helped us save this little cat's life.

Black and white cat with one eye at Yorkshire Cat Rescue