Please donate so we can do as much as we can for Sylvia's eyes! 


Sylvia has been referred to Lisa who is an eye specialist at Abbey House Veterinary Hospital who have offered us a charity discount on her treatment. Lisa had a good check of Sylvia's eyes and because they react to light she recommended her for a surgery on her good eye and lots of different eye creams and serums to help stabalise both eyes. She has had some of her conjunctiva sewn onto her eyeball, as this will provide a blood supply to the eye and will help because both eyes are quite fragile from the damage. She has come through the surgery well, but is still in intensive care at the moment as the vet staff do all they can for a good outcome. We don't yet know if Sylvia will ever be able to see again but we will give her every chance and whatever happens we will make sure that at the end of it the amazing Sylvia will get herself a loving new home. Thank you for all your support so far! 

Sylvia was spotted in a garden and it was apparent she needed urgent help. This poor little girl had painful ulceration on her eyes which has caused her to lose most of her sight. On top of this Sylvia also has pain in her hip which caused her to overgroom and she also has quite severe painful ear mites. Being a stray has definitely taken its toll on this helpless girl, but despite everything she is so friendly and affectionate and all she wants to do is sit on your lap. 

We rushed Sylvia straight to the vets so we could start treating her multiple health issues and to see what they could for her eyes. The vet decided the procedure to remove the ulcers was too risky for them to complete and referred her to a specialist vet.

We really want to save at least one of Sylvia's eyes so she doesn't go completely blind, but to do this we need your help! 

Please, please donate to help this gorgeous girl and give her the chance to regain some of her sight. Your donations will not only help Sylvia, but others cats like her so they can live the life they deserve. 

Thank you x