We are seeing lots of poorly, helpless tiny kittens coming into our centre who really need our help. Some of these kittens have come to us very under-nourished, wishy-washy and dehydrated without their mother and are now fighting to survive. As kittens are so tiny this makes them more susceptible to infection and illness which without treatment can be deadly. As we have so many poorly babies at the moment, the majority have ended up being admitted to the vets for several days just to ensure their very survival.   We currently have 10 kittens from several different litters hospitalised at our vets.  They are suffering from high temperatures, diarrhoea, anaemia following flea infestation, cat flu and sadly for one or two the terrible illness panleucopenia (also known as feline parvovirus).

Sadly we have lost a few kittens who were just too tiny to survive, but the majority are staying strong and courageous and aren't giving up! It's always so heartbreaking to see little babies going through so much, and loosing them is even harder but we won't lose hope and will keep going until we get all our kittens back to full health! 

We couldn't do this without your help though. As you know vet bills are extremely expensive, and our vet bill last month was for over £14,000. We have a feeling that this month is likely to be the same, if not more so we are appealing to you to help us. Please can you make a donation, or even better a monthly donation as having a few extra pounds each month will help us to continue to make a difference to other kittens and of course our adult cats too. 

Your support is needed now more than ever as kittens lives hang in the balance, but together we can ensure we give them the best chance possible. 

Thank you x