Originally called Pest, this handsome and friendly gentleman was taken to a vet by the person who had been looking out for him during his nine-plus years as a street cat. She was extremely concerned because he had become ill. It was now time for him to leave behind his old life as topcat of the neighbourhood and retire to a quiet life in a home.  We promptly renamed him Pesto and fell in love with this fabulous cat and his awesome honk!  Yes, he does actually meow like a duck crossed with a squeaky gate!

We know Pesto has had a home once because he was microchipped. Sadly, his chip details were not updated by his previous owner so we couldn't return him.  He now needs some serious veterinary care before he is ready for a new home.

Tabby cat at Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Pesto's story is the story of many male cats that don't get neutered. As he grew older he would have strayed from his home turf to pursue female cats. He will have also been quite the pest for other cats living there, marking his territory and fighting with them. This fighting will have been the reason he became FIV positive.  Cats contract Feline Immunodeficiency Virus by bites or mating. So Pesto could also have passed the virus on to many other cats.  Cats can live happy, healthy lives with FIV, but it does mean they are very vulnerable to other infections. 

Years without veterinary care have also taken their toil.  All his teeth are rotten so he will need a very long and major dental surgery to remove them all. He has now been neutered at the grand old age of 10 and he will be much more comfortable without his teeth. Once we get confirmation of his FIV status we can also get on with the very important business of finding him a new home.

If you would like to help the transformation of Pest the Street Cat into Pesto the House Cat, please donate. Your money will go to the major dental surgery and blood tests he needs. If we receive more money than Pesto needs it will go to help the veterinary care of other cats just like him. Monthly donations will also help us to help more cats so if you can afford it please consider making a monthly donation today. 

Thank you x