Here at Yorkshire Cat Rescue we are all about cats. We love them! So you might wonder why we are so desperate for fewer of them to be born. We neuter every cat that comes into our care and we will always advise owners to get their cats neutered as soon as possible. This is why.

Tilly's owner loved her but he didn't get her neutered so she had kittens. Then those kittens had kittens. When we were alerted to this situation he didn't know how many cats he had, maybe there were thirty or maybe there were forty. They had made his living conditions unbearable with the mess and all the cats were very, very sick. He could no longer cope with the situation, he was a cat lover but could no longer care for the extremely large number of cats and kittens he now owned.

Multi cat populations of this size can have multiple infections, particularly when the cats are not vaccinated. Sometimes the kittens do not receive a lot of handling, so they grow up poorly socialised and very fearful of people.

Tilly and her five young kittens, Miso and her six young kittens plus five older kittens arrived at our centre. We could see they had ringworm and cat flu straight away so off into quarantine they went. After they had settled in we saw they had terrible diarrhoea too, so fearing the worst we tested it. Our worst fears were true, they also were suffering from panleukopenia. Ringworm and cat flu are difficult to treat and cure but most cats survive. Panleukopenia is different, it can be deadly for kittens. We knew then, with all that these kittens were fighting we would lose some of them. We were determined to save as many as we could.

It is a struggle for us to care for these cats, especially when Miso and the older kittens are very scared of us. We have already lost a couple of kittens and currently two of the kittens are still in hospital, but we welcomed little tabby and white kitten Scallop back from hospital and we are keeping everything crossed that he continues to get better. We are dedicated to do all we can to help these cats. Can you help us?

£5 will feed a litter of kittens the special food that helps them maintain their weight

£10 will pay for the eye cream that helps them feel comfortable and fights their eye infections

£15 will pay for the weekly cleaning costs of our quarantine block. Making sure that these infections do not spread to other cats

£50 will feed all these cats for a week

£100 will pay for the overnight intensive care in hospital that the sickest kittens need to survive

Please donate towards their vet costs if you can, and if you can afford it, please set up a monthly donation so that we will have the funds to care for other kittens like them.

Thank you x