Meet Mowser! Our little boy has had a rubbish start in life and was originally found out on the streets alone just a tiny kitten struggling to survive. We think he was left behind by his owners. When he first came to us we noticed he was severely underweight and sneezing non stop. 

Originally we thought that the sneezing was down to Mowser having cat flu, but whenever he ate any kind of food, or drank milk it would come out of his nose which was very distressing to see and explained why we couldn’t get him to gain weight. He couldn’t eat any wet food at all and would sneeze out food every time he ate.  We rushed him to the vets where they found a large hole in the back of  his mouth and were told he had a soft palate cleft which explained all the sneezing and why he couldn’t eat properly. 

A cleft palate is essentially a birth defect that occurs when the roof of the mouth (palate) fails to properly fuse together and leaves a space between the mouth and the nasal-sinus cavity. Left untreated, it is unlikely that an affected kitten will survive. Mowser needed surgery; it was the only option to enable him to survive but he was still too young and we had to wait until he reached ¾ months. Until that time we had to feed him with a tube as the risk of pneumonia from inhaling milk or food was too high. 

White and tabby cat at Yorkshire Cat Rescue  

Thankfully this tiny kitten was a fighter and he made it to the surgery and it went well. Mowser is still sneezing a little but is eating better and has gained weight. He is due a check up soon and we are still monitoring him closely for any complications. 

This type of surgery and care is very expensive and on top of rising vet costs we really need your help to enable us to pay for this. Anything you can donate will make a massive difference and if you can afford it, please set up a monthly donation so that we will have the funds to care for other kittens like Mowser. 

Thank you x