Four tiny, helpless little kittens were found orphaned and dumped in a box in a scrap yard.  Aged only 7 days these babies needed the warmth and love of their mother to get them through their first few vulnerable weeks.  Luckily they were found and taken straight to the vets, where sadly two of the kittens just weren't strong enough to survive. 

The surviving pair, Cherryblossom and Robyn were cared for by the vets, being fed tiny little drops every hour throughout the day and night before being brought to Yorkshire Cat Rescue.  Once in our care, they were looked after by our dedicated team until a foster home could be found.

When being raised by fosterers, kittens need to be hand reared day and night to ensure they receive the milk that they need to survive.  They need to be helped to go to the toilet in the early days too and to be fed every couple of hours.

This is an incredibly tough and difficult process and even when done right, there is no guarantee that the kittens will even survive. They are likely to need more veterinary treatment than kittens who have their mummies, and indeed one of the kittens has a slightly deformed leg and may need surgery at a later date to correct the abnormality. 

Baby kitten at Yorkshire Cat Rescue

After only a few days in foster care our fosterer went to give Robyn and Cherryblossom their next meal only to find that Robyn had unexpectedly passed away. 

This is something we have to do week in, week out, as so many kittens are left abandoned with no mummy and without our help would surely die. 

We are often the only chance kittens like this have - and this is a tremendous burden on our team. Please can you make a donation, or better still a regular donation - a few pounds every month - so we can continue to save the lives of abandoned kittens like Cherryblossom. 

A monthly donation means we know we have the funds to say yes to kittens like Cherryblossom and Robyn and to ensure we do everything we can to give them that second chance at life. 

Please donate today. Without you we couldn't make these unwanted cats and kittens wanted again

Thankyou x