There will be hundreds of homeless cats across Yorkshire this Christmas

Will you help to give a cat a better life this Christmas?

The season of festivities will soon be upon us and Yorkshire Cat Rescue continues to be here for every cat and kitten. For over 30 years we have offered our love and expert care to cats that need us, due to the kindness and commitment from our supporters.

More and more people are becoming cat owners which is wonderful news, but often people select their new friend from the internet, and many are swayed by the appearance of beautiful pedigree kittens. Most breeders love their cats and raise healthy happy kittens, however these kittens are bred for financial reasons, and sadly there are many cats that need loving homes, but remain homeless. 

A gift of £10 could help us give cats like Forrest a better Christmas and a new start in life.

Please read Forrest's story below

This year we would like to ask you to help us spread the word that adopting a rescue cat not only gives a new owner a new friend, but also helps solve the problem of homelessness that many cats across the country are still facing.

Rescue is our favourite breed!

Preparing our cats for adoption, neutering, chipping, vaccinating and treating any other medical problems costs way more than our adoption fees.  Sometimes cats need a lot of medical care. Cats like Forrest Gump, a kitten who was bred to be sold, but then handed to us when it turned out he had a very severe medical problem that needed costly veterinary treatment. Obviously the care that Forrest needed was going to cost more than he could be sold for, which resulted in him coming into our care.

At Yorkshire Cat Rescue we don't value a cat by how much money they are worth.  Every life is important to us.

This is why we are trusted by cats.  

A gift of £25 today could help to give a cat like Forrest a home this Christmas

We couldn't do it without your support, it is thanks to your generous help that kittens like Forrest get their chance at a happy life and a happy Christmas, instead of what might have been.

As cat lovers it is hard for us to imagine a cat being abandoned and left alone on the streets this, but sadly this will be the fate for many cats.

We want to let you know how grateful we are for your support, and for being such a vital part of this story, where cats like Forrest Gump are given a chance of their ‘Happy Ending’ this Christmas.

When Forrest Gump was born there was a problem with the blood vessels connecting to his liver. This meant his liver wasn't filtering his blood and so his blood was full of toxins.

He was having fits and would sit unaware of what was happening around him. He would go into states where he lost control of his bladder and was drooling with his tongue sticking out. This was all because of the toxins affecting his brain.

Poor Forrest had to go on a very strict diet and a specialist surgeon was booked to operate on him and divert his blood back through his liver. It's an operation that is not always successful but Forrest needed us to give him this chance to survive.

Thankfully in the days after his surgery his liver began doing the job it was meant to do, and we got to meet the real Forrest Gump.

He's a delightful kitten who is making up for lost time, causing absolute mayhem in his new home!

Giving £50 could provide more cats like Forrest with a warm bed and all the care they need whilst they wait for a space on someones sofa

Luckily for Forrest, he is well on his way to a new carefree life which wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful generosity of people like you. By taking action today, you can help many more cats and kittens live the best lives possible.

Thank you so much from everyone at Yorkshire Cat Rescue, especially the cats!