This is Dollie who has had a very difficult and traumatic time.

Dollie came into our care at the end of last month via another Rescue. She was heavily pregnant and very congested with snot everywhere, and breathing out of her mouth. To make things even worse the other rescue told us that poor Dollie wasn't even eating by herself and that she had been syringe fed for a while.

On her first night we noticed Dollie was struggling to breathe so we rushed her to the vets where where they gave her some antibiotics to help calm her and enable her to breathe without difficulty. We hoped that a quiet night in the kitten house after this and lots of very tempting food might help her to eat, but when we arrived the next morning she hadn't touched her food. Over the course of that day we had to syringe feed her a few mls every few hours, and tried to encourage her to take food by herself, but to no avail.

Things just got even worse for our little Dollie as the next day she sadly miscarried her four  babies during the night and had gone downhill in herself, seeming lethargic and dehydrated, and her breathing was no better. We can't imagine how traumatic losing her babies and not being able to breathe would have been for her. 

We immediately took her to the vets again who made the decision to keep her for the day so that they could get some fluids into her. She came back that evening and seemed a little brighter, at which point we moved her up to the quiet block instead of the kitten house so that she could rest and decompress.

Black and white cat at Yorkshire Cat Rescue

We still had to syringe feed her over the next few days, but amazingly out of nowhere she suddenly started to show interest in food. We then decided it would be best for her to be placed with a fosterer, who is looking after her very well, and she is finally eating independently and starting to clean herself up too! 

We really hope that this is the turning point for Dollie now and that she will make a full recovery. If you would like to help with the veterinary costs for Dollie then please make a donation, or if you can afford it please donate monthly so that we have the funds to care for more cats and kittens like her.

Thank you x