Read Dina's story below.

There are hundreds of cats across Yorkshire without a home to call their own.

Will you help to give a cat a home this Christmas?

The season of festivities is upon us and we sincerely hope you will be surrounded by food, presents, and loved ones. We all need people to love and care for us, and that’s true for cats too.

As we spend precious time with our beloved pets, please spare a thought for those cats that are not so lucky - there will be hundreds of cats alone on the streets of Yorkshire this Christmas, fighting for their survival, starving and freezing, and we have many cats in our care that have never experienced the warmth of Christmas in a loving family home.

Please would you to help us to provide more cats like Dina, whose story you can read below, with a tasty dinner, treats, toys and blankets ensuring their December has a little bit more ‘sparkle’. Your Christmas gift will make all the difference whilst they wait patiently for their greatest gift, a forever home.

Please donate £10 to help us give cats like Dina a better Christmas and a new start in life.

As cat lovers it is hard for us to imagine a cat being abandoned and left alone on the streets this Christmas, but sadly this will be the fate for many cats.

We would like to give as many cats as possible a chance of their ‘Happy Ending’ this Christmas, but we can’t do it without your help. We rely on people like you - generous and compassionate people who support our work with their donations. 

The sad truth is that right now our waiting list for spaces is endless, and there are still so many cats out there that need our help.

A gift of £25 today could help to give a cat like Dina a home this Christmas.

Every cat that comes into our centre is given the best possible care by our dedicated team. Every cat is microchipped, vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms and neutered, as well as any other medical or behavioural treatment required before rehoming. In some cases this can run into thousands of pounds in veterinary costs for one animal. We never put a healthy cat to sleep and sometimes this means we get chronically ill cats (or kittens) that can still lead a very good life but have to have long-term medication and/or treatment.

Every year, here at Yorkshire Cat Rescue, we take in around one thousand lost, abandoned or unwanted cats and this costs approximately £1,200 per day!

Giving £50 today could provide more cats like Dina with a warm bed and all the care they need whilst they wait for a new home to call their own.

Luckily for Dina, she is well on her way to a new carefree life which wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful generosity of people like you.

By taking action today, you can help many more cats and kittens live the best lives possible.
Like all of us, animals need love - we need your help to make their Christmas dreams come true!

Thank you, and have a very Meowy Christmas from everyone at YCR x