Home Based Volunteering

Home Based Volunteering

Here are many things you can do from your own home which will help us

Knitting and crocheting

Mices Are you Knitter? -Then perhaps you could make cat nip mice “skins” for us.  We stuff the skins and add cat nip and they are very welcomed by the cats at our centre. We also sell the mice to adopters for their new furry friend to play with at home.  We can provide wool, or you can provide your own. We also need blankets – knitted or crocheted – to use in our pens and then to pass to the new owners of cats and kittens.  It helps them settle in their new homes if they have something that has a familiar odour.

Mice skins and blankets can be sent to our centre, or dropped off at our centre or our shop.  If you require them to be collected, we can do this too if you are within a reasonable distance of our centre.

You can find our knitting patterns here

Knitting Pattern

twitter-bird-light-bgsSocial media

We have a good presence on Facebook and we are also on Twitter.  We would love people to “like” our page Yorkshire Cat Rescue and “friend” our mascot Haworth Cat, and share updates we post.



There is lots of home-based fundraising that you can do, from selling things on eBay with a contribution going to our funds to holding coffee mornings or garden parties. If you would like more information on how you can fundraise for us then please have a look at our fundraising pages.

 Spread the word!

Tell your friends and colleagues about our work, ask for their support (eg with donations for our shops, cash donations or fundraising endeavours) and tell them other ways in which they can help us.  We can also supply you with  newsletters and other literature for you to share.