Emergency Team

Can you be a member of our emergency team?

Our emergency team is a group of people who are happy to be asked at short notice to undertake certain tasks.

The tasks can be things like collecting a cat from a vets or a place of danger, offering temporary accommodation to a cat and/or kittens who are in danger, taking a cat for an emergency appointment at the vets, making an urgent delivery of food or medicine to a fosterer … the list is endless, but will include many of the things above.

You will be contacted by email with brief details of the emergency and asked if you can help.  If you can’t, ignore the email.  If you can, reply to it and if we allocate the job to you we will give you more details.

You will need to be able to drive and have access to a vehicle.

If you would like to join our team, please complete the short form below.

Thank you.  Emergency Team volunteers save the lives of many cats each year.


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Your details will not be sold or given to any third party, however we may use them to write to you.