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Perhaps you think that you don’t have anything to offer, and that fundraising is boring or hard-work… but it needn’t be! It’s actually fun, puts you in touch with other people – and of course gives you the chance to make new friends – and many people get a huge buzz from it – both undertaking the fundraising event and then totting up and handing over the money raised.

Our current fundraisers range from energetic people able to run marathons to people who are completely house-bound; from very young children (with parental support) to people in their eighties and nineties; men and women; all sorts of different backgrounds and cultures; all levels of education and skill.

Virtually everyone can fundraise, and the majority enjoy the experience and gain from it. So why not take the plunge yourself?

There are lots of different ways you can fundraise for us – helping at one of our organised events (Community Fundraising), running a one-off event you organise yourself (Independent Fundraising), setting up a group to undertake events yourself (Fundraising Friends) or go for a fixed challenge – on your own or as part of a group – and raise £1000 towards our new centre (1000 Champions).  Click on the links aside to see which appeals to you most.

Please know you have our thanks for the fundraising you do for Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Yorkshire Cat Rescue is a member of the Fundraising Standards Board

Yorkshire Cat Rescue member of FRSB