Put a cat on our waiting list

Put a cat on our waiting list

Please use this form to send us details if you need us to take in a cat or cats for rehoming.

Please note, our waiting list is currently very long, we will offer you advice about rehoming but it may be some time before we can offer to take the cat(s).

How many cats do you need to be rehomed?
If there is more than one cat, and more than one response to the following questions, please select all the responses that apply and give further details below in the "further details" section. To make multiple selections, hold down the Ctrl button whilst selecting the options you want to select.

How old is each cat?

Is the cat friendly?

Is the cat an inside or outside cat?

Please give the reason that the cat(s) need to be rehomed

Further details

Please give additional information, particularly if you have selected "The cat is ill/has a medical condition" or "behaviour", or if there is more than one cat and information differs.

Full name. Please give the name of the person we should contact when a place becomes available. PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS NOT THE NAME OF THE CAT (we cannot accept requests if the cat's name is given)
First name: Surname:


The address of the person above

Phone number
Please give the phone number (including STD code) we should contact. If you wish to leave more than one phone number, please do.

Please give your email address - this is particularly important in the event that we are unable to contact you by phone.

Location of cats (if different)

Please give the full address (including postcode) if the cats are in a different location to the address given above.

We would appreciate it if you tell us if you no longer need to be on our waiting list once you have submitted this form. If we don't hear from you to that effect, we'll assume you continue to need a place and we will contact you once your name is at the top of the list and a place becomes available.

We will also send you information to help you rehome the cat direct. Where possible we prefer cats to be rehomed directly without having to come into rescue. It is less stressfull for them.

Thank you

Your details will not be sold or given to any third party, however we may use them to write to you.