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Home sought for charity’s longest resident

After six months in the care of Yorkshire Cat Rescue, staff and volunteers have launched a dedicated campaign to find 18-month old shadow’ Morgana a home. Morgana was brought into the rehoming centre with her three young kittens after the … Read more

Charity sees record number of cats rehomed

Yorkshire Cat Rescue has recorded an 18% rise in the number of cats re-homed in October and a 68% increase in November compared with those same two months last year. The charity found new homes for a staggering 100 cats … Read more

Pregnant cats top list of felines in need

New figures from a Yorkshire cat charity have revealed that the largest group of cats being rescued to be un-neutered mother cats and their kittens. The data has prompted the charity to sound the alarm and urge people to neuter … Read more

Charity calls for an end to pet lockout

Yorkshire Cat Rescue has called on private landlords to consider granting requests to keep pets in rented accommodation, as the number of abandoned cats rises. The English Housing Survey 2016 found a rise in the number of people renting their … Read more

Charity records 1000th litter of kittens

Yorkshire Cat Rescue in Keighley has just welcomed it’s 1,000th litter of kittens since it began to digitally register all cats in its care in 2010. For nearly seven years, the charity has recorded every single cat and kitten that … Read more

Charity urges pet owners to report missing cats

New figures have revealed a dramatic rise in the number of cats reported stolen since 2010. But the charity’s founder says the figures don’t reveal the full extent of the problem and urges pet owners to report missing cats to … Read more