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Charity records 1000th litter of kittens

Yorkshire Cat Rescue in Keighley has just welcomed it’s 1,000th litter of kittens since it began to digitally register all cats in its care in 2010. For nearly seven years, the charity has recorded every single cat and kitten that … Read more

Charity urges pet owners to report missing cats

New figures have revealed a dramatic rise in the number of cats reported stolen since 2010. But the charity’s founder says the figures don’t reveal the full extent of the problem and urges pet owners to report missing cats to … Read more

Humberside tops region for cats in need

Figures show cats in Humberside could be the most daring, but a charity boss says rushing to dial 999 isn’t always wise or sensible. A Freedom of Information request by Yorkshire Cat Rescue found that 29 cats ended up in … Read more

Rescue kitten born with huge paws

A Keighley-based charity is asking supporters to cheer for a kitten born in its care with abnormally short front legs and huge paws.Yorkshire Cat Rescue wants to highlight how all cats and kittens should be given the best chance of … Read more

Five anniversary facts about Yorkshire Cat Rescue

As Yorkshire Cat Rescue celebrates its 25th year running, here are a few fascinating facts you might not know about us. Founding an animal charity When most couples have a bit of spare cash they build a conservatory, re-do the … Read more

Tougher measures needed to control cat population, survey finds

48% of people think Britain’s cat population is out of control 61% of people have noticed an increase in the number of homeless cats 92% want to see crack-down on owners releasing unwanted cats into the wild More than one … Read more