Ideas and Suggestions

Ideas and Suggestions

Some ideas to get you started

Remember to set up a fundaising page, or ask us to set one up for you.  Ask your friends to make a donation by promoting your page on your Facebook profile, email signature, website or blog and all sorts of other online places.  If ten friends each give you £10, you will have raised a tenth of your target.



Sell all your old items, clothes, books, ornaments, jewellery, stuff in the loft you’ve forgotten about. Not only will you raise money for your challenge, but just think how much less dusting, ironing and tidying up you’ll have to do! Recent reports suggest that the average person has approximately £3500 worth of stuff they don’t use any more!!!

Monthly social event

Hold a coffee morning or a theme party every month – a barbecue in summer, a Christmas party in December, maybe a clothes party or a fancy dress competition. Charge your guests £5 entry each time and have a few daft competitions such as “guess the name of the cat” – you should make around £100 each time, and easily reach your target.

Marathon or other sporting event

Challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone. As well as raising money for our appeal, you will feel so good about yourself and achive something to be proud of. A double success!

Get a group together

5 friends each raising £200 each, or 10 friends each raising £100. See who can come up with the most interesting and fun way to raise the funds. Perhaps give a small prize to the first person to get to their target.

Save £1 per day

It will take you just under three years to get to £1000 this way, and if you can donate your £1 per day with Gift Aid it will take just over two years- a nice steady income raiser.

Sell cupcakes

Why not put your baking skills to the test and make 500 cupcakes. Sell them for £2 each, and you’ll have made your £1000 target. You might have to sell them at more than one event though!

In memorium

In memory of a loved pet, or a relative or friend who was a cat lover, why not hold fundraising events and collections amongst friends and family of the deceased. A fitting tribute.

Anniversary event

If you have an anniversary and don’t need lots of presents, ask your family and friends to make a donation instead of gifts.


Make a patchwork quilt or wall-hanging and raffle it! Great fun as well as a good way to reach your target.

Sacrifice your morning coffee-to-go

Put the £2.50 you save each day towards your campaign. You will reach your target in less than two years.


Lose weight and ask your friends and colleagues to encourage and support you by sponsoring you for every pound lost.

Copper up!

Why not collect all your 5p coins, ask your friends and collegues to contribute and you’ll reach your target in no time. 5p coins are the least liked of all UK coins.


Have a competition to guess the weight, gender and/or date of arrival of a baby on the way

Walk 1000 miles

Get your friends to sponsor you per mile. 1p would raise £10 and 10p would raise £100. If you walk 2-3 miles per day it will take you less than a year, and you could have a ticker showing the number of miles you’ve walked too!


Do you live in a tourist destination, or own a caravan or holiday cottage in a popular place? Why not offer it for a donation towards your challenge?