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General questions

What is 1000 Champions?

How do I become a champion?

Champions’ questions

Who are the Champions?

Why are they called Champions?

Who chooses the Champions?

Do the Champions get a prize?

Do the Champions get paid?

How do I raise the money?

Will I need a permit or license?

How much time do I have to raise it?

Can I get help with promoting my event?

Do I have to raise it on my own?

Do Champions have to register?

What happens if I register?

What happens if I don’t register?

I co-ordinate a group.  Can my group register as a Champion?

Where can I find more information about fundraising?

Money questions

Why £1000?

What if I raise more?

What if I raise less?

Can I donate the money instead of fundraising?

Can I Gift Aid the money I raise or donate?

What is Gift Aid?

How much more money will be raised if I Gift Aid my donations?

What happens to the money raised?

What if the land costs less than the money raised?

How do I know that Yorkshire Cat Rescue gets the money?

Do Champions get paid?

Can the Champions claim expenses?

Can I set my target higher than £1000?

What is a fundraising page?

How does the money collected on my page get to Yorkshire Cat Rescue?

Do online providers make a charge?

What is a ticker?

When do I send the money to Yorkshire Cat Rescue?

Yorkshire Cat Rescue questions

What does Yorkshire Cat Rescue need this money for?

Why isn’t Yorkshire Cat Rescue raising this money?

General questions

What is 1000 Champions? 1000 Champions is a fundraising initiative in aid of Yorkshire Cat Rescue.  The target is to find 1000 people (Champions) who will each raise or donate £1000.  The £1million raised will be used for the purchase of land for a much-needed new rehoming centre for unwanted cats.   (top of page)

How do I become a champion? It is a five step procedure:

Step one is to register, you can do that by clicking this link HERE

Step two will see your photo (or a photo of your pet or your avatar), a brief description, a count-down ticker and a fundraising page (if you have one) added to our CHAMPIONS GALLERY. You’ll be notified when your Gallery entry is completed.

Step three you start fundraising or donating.

Step four is the phase where you tell EVERYONE about your campaign.  Recruit friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and even complete strangers to support you.

Step five is the best step.  You reach your target and give yourself a pat on the back and tell everyone that you’re a Champion.                 

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Champions questions

Who are the Champions? It could be YOU! The Champions are ordinary people who want to do something to help an extra-ordinary project.  This campaign is aimed at anyone who wants to donate or raise £1000 towards the purchase of a New Centre for Yorkshire Cat Rescue.  If you would like to be a champion, please either register with us here, or go ahead and make your donation today.  You can register as a sole fundraiser, as a couple or as a group.  (top of page)

Why are they called Champions? We believe that anyone who makes that extra effort IS a Champion. For many people it will be a challenge, and overcoming challenges is what makes someone a champion. Hence the phrase – “that’s champion!”  (top of page)

Who chooses the Champions? Champions nominate themselves, however, we hope that many Champions (and people who choose not to become Champions) will tell their friends, family, colleagues and other contacts about our appeal, so that more and more people hear about it, and decide to nominate themselves.  If you would like to nominate yourself as a Champion, please either contact us using the form on our Contact Us page, or send your money to Yorkshire Cat Rescue and indicate that you wish to be considered as a retrospective Champion. (top of page)

Do the Champions get a prize? Yorkshire Cat Rescue will send a certificate to anyone who achieves their £1000 target.  (top of page)

Do the Champions get paid? This is a voluntary campaign and no one is paid to do it.  (top of page)

How do I raise the money? There are lots of ways you could raise the money.  You may wish to do something you already do – for example if you make things to sell, or if you’re an artist, you may sell some of your work and donate the proceeds towards your target.  Or you may decide to do something completely different such as a high octane event like running a marathon, overcoming a fear, hosting a big event.  Perhaps you will decide to hold lots of smaller fundraising activities – parties at home or collections at work for example.  Maybe something different – bake 500 cupcakes and sell them for £2 each (perhaps not all at once though), dress in an unusual costume and ask people to make donations.  We have put some suggestions on our “Ideas, Suggestions, Successes” page and we’ll add to this as Champions tell us what they did to reach their target.  (top of page)

Will I need a permit or license? For certain types of fundraising, such as street collections or door to door collections, yes you will need a permit.  You will also need a permit if you intend to run a lottery with printed tickets.  If you are running an event at home, amongst your friends or at your place of work you would not normally require a permit, though you may have to ask permission from your employer for events held in the work-place.  If you aren’t sure, please contact us with details of the event you intend to hold and we will give you guidance.  (top of page)

How much time do I have to raise it? That’s up to you, but we recommend that you set yourself a target, eg one year. It will help keep you focused and help you plan events.  (top of page)

Can I get help with promoting my event? We have a volunteer who will help you with poster design, and we can give you general advice about promoting your event(s).  We recommend that you use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and (where applicable) You Tube and Flickr.  You may also be able to take advantage of intranets and/or noticeboards at work or other places you attend.  Never underestimate the power of the spoken word – tell everyone you know what you’re doing and ask for their help and support in spreading the word.  Adding a message to your email signature is also a good idea and if you have a blog you could post about your progress there too.  If you want help with poster design, please send us an email. We will pass your details to our volunteer who will contact you direct.  (top of page)

Do I have to raise it on my own?  Again, that will be your own decision. It may depend on the type of event you are running.  There is nothing to stop you enlisting a friend, a group of friends or even registering as a Champion on behalf of several people.  If you plan to run a big event, you might consider getting together with another Champion and sharing the work and the money raised.  (top of page)

Do Champions have to register?  You can register so that your supporters can view your progress, or you can go ahead and donate or raise the money and send it direct to Yorkshire Cat Rescue.  All champions will be listed on the Champions’ Gallery, but if you prefer not to be identified we will make sure you are anonymous.  If you prefer not to register, but simply want to set up a fundraising page with Virgin Money Giving or Just Giving (click on “Join the Team” next to where it says “Team Members”), we will simply make a note of your details/page so that we’ll know when we reach our 1000th champion.  Please note, charges apply when using these online sites and the NET amount will therefore be credited to your challenge.

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What happens if I register?  When you register, we will give you a Champions’ number and a place in our Champions Gallery.  We will put a link to your fundraising page (if you have one), a short description of the way you intend to raise your £1000, your photo or if you prefer a photo of your pet or group etc or we can use your avatar or one of our logos.  We will also create a fundraising ticker for you if you wish, and you will be able to add to this as your funds grow.  To register, click HERE If you choose not to register, we will simply add details of your page to our Champions Gallery so that you may receive contributions that way.   (top of page)

What happens if I don’t register?  You don’t need to register.  You can just go ahead and fundraise or donate.  When you send your £1000 to Yorkshire Cat Rescue you will be added to the Champions’ Gallery (anonymously if you prefer) – this is so that we can keep a tally of the number of Champions.  We would prefer you to register, and it will give a degree of legitimacy to your fundraising if your supporters can see your success growing on the site not to mention the ability for them to donate online to your event.  To register, click HERE  (top of page)

I co-ordinate a group. Can my group register as a Champion? We would love groups to register.  Any group of people – for example, Scouts & Guides, Senior Citizen Groups, school groups, hobby groups, work groups, exercise or fitness groups – the list is endless.  Make one person in the group the 1000 Champion co-ordinator and think of some fun and challenging ways to reach your target. (top of page)

Money questions

Why £1000? We feel that £1000 is a good target.  It is enough to make a difference but not so much that people will really really struggle.  Plus, if 1000 people raise £1000 it will bring in £1million for Yorkshire Cat Rescue – this should provide enough to cover the cost of the land, the planning permission and other associated costs such as conveyancing, legal fees and possibly ground preparation.  (top of page)

What if I raise more? We recognise that most Champions won’t raise exactly £1000.  Some will exceed their targets.  By law, if you raise money for a cause you either have to give the money to that cause or return it to the person who gave it to you.  Obviously, we hope that you’ll donate all the money to Yorkshire Cat Rescue.  (top of page)

What if I raise less? We hope you will be successful in your aim to raise £1000, however we realise that most people won’t raise exactly that amount.  Whatever you raise will be gratefully received by Yorkshire Cat Rescue, and will be used towards the purchase of land for the New Centre.  (top of page)

Can I donate the money instead of fundraising? Yes, we would be happy to accept donations of £1000 either as a one-off donation, or as a pledge over a number of months.   If you send a cheque, please make sure it is clearly noted that the cheque is part of the 1000 Champions campaign, and include your Champions number if you have one.
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Can I Gift Aid the money I raise or donate? If you are donating your own money, or donating money from the sale of items you have gifted to Yorkshire Cat Rescue and you are a UK taxpayer, you can donate using Gift Aid.  If you are fundraising and asking supporters to donate they can do so with Gift Aid if they pay UK tax.    By Gift Aiding your donation, you could increase your donation of £1000 by a further £250.  You can download the form below to make your Gift Aid declaration. You can read more about Gift Aid here.    (top of page)

Donate with Gift Aid - make your donation go further

Gift Aid declaration

What is Gift Aid?
[From HMRC Website]  The Gift Aid scheme is for gifts of money by individuals who pay UK tax. Gift Aid donations are regarded as having basic rate tax deducted by the donor. Charities take your donation – which is money you’ve already paid tax on – and reclaim the basic rate tax from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on its ‘gross’ equivalent – the amount before basic rate tax was deducted.  Basic rate tax is 20 per cent, so this means that if you give £10 using Gift Aid, it’s worth £12.50 to the charity.    You can read more about Gift Aid here.    (top of page)

How much more money will be raised if I Gift Aid my donations?

If you donate                                            you will raise an extra
£25                                                                     £7.05
£100                                                                  £28.21
£250                                                                  £70.51
£500                                                                  £141.03
£1000                                                               £282.05

What happens to the money raised? The money raised will be held by Yorkshire Cat Rescue in a special bank account, and will be used for the purchase and associated costs of land to build a new centre.  In the sad event that the appeal is unsuccessful, the money will be repaid to those donors who do not wish it to be used for general purposes.     (top of page)

What if the land costs less than the money raised? It is probable that the cost of land will be in excess of £750,000, however there are likely to be other associated costs such as legal and conveyancing costs, the costs for planning and architecture, land clearance and site preparation/groundworks, access construction and fencing/safety.  Any surplus funds will be used, with the donors’ consent, towards the costs of construction of the new centre.     (top of page)

How do I know that Yorkshire Cat Rescue gets the money?  All money paid online goes to accounts set up by Yorkshire Cat Rescue which pay directly into Yorkshire Cat Rescue’s bank account.  In line with the Charity Commission’s requirements the account requires two signatures.  Any cheque donations should be made payable to “Yorkshire Cat Rescue” and sent to: Yorkshire Cat Rescue, The Farm, Lower Pierce Close, Cross Roads, Keighley BD22 9AQ.  Please mark on the reverse of cheques “1000Champions, Champion number [your number]” or “1000Champions, Champion [your name]”.  If you take cash to Yorkshire Cat Rescue’s centre or shops, please ask for a receipt, and please make it clear that the money is part of the 1000Champions campaign.  You can also pay the money direct into our bank account – please ask us for details if you wish to do this.   Note, we cannot guarantee that any money you raise on other sites such as eBay (unless you have registered as a Direct Seller) will be credited to your Champion Challenge, although the money will definitely be paid to Yorkshire Cat Rescue.      (top of page)

Can the Champions claim expenses?  As a volunteer fundraiser you can reclaim ‘legitimate expenses’ incurred as part of your fundraising activity, but you can not keep any money to pay for your time or any other sort of ‘fee’ for running the activity. If you do, you will be considered to be a fundraising consultant; you must have authorisation from the charity to do this and you will need to meet other legal and tax requirements.  ‘Legitimate expenses’ can include: publicity material, purchase of equipment or materials, venue and equipment hire, insurance, transport costs, telephone costs.  If you are in doubt about whether it is a legitimate expense, you should send us an email to check. You must keep a record of all these expenses, ideally you should have receipts. If you are reclaiming these expenses, then send a copy of the receipts to Yorkshire Cat Rescue and keep the originals somewhere safe so you can show that the money was not ‘income’.    (top of page)

Can I set my target higher than £1000? Yes, if you wish to do so, you can set your target higher than £1000, however we recommend that initially you set your target at £1000.  If a significant number of Champions raise more than £1000 we will consider having a “Champion of Champions” list.  You could also be part of several Champions – for example you could raise £1000 on your own as one Champion, then a further £1000 with your work colleagues as another Champion and then yet a further £1000 with a different group such as a family group or a hobby group. (top of page)

What is a fundraising page? A fundraising page is an online place where your supporters can make donations, refer their friends and see how you are doing.  You can personalise your page with photos and descriptions of your challenge, and you can add the totals of money you’ve collected off-line.  You can circulate the link to your page to your contacts, and ask them to network it amongst their own contacts.  If you want to see what a basic page can look like, please go to Virgin Money Giving or Just Giving.  (top of page)

How does the money collected on my page get to Yorkshire Cat Rescue?  The organisations who manage the websites collect the money and any gift aid on behalf of Yorkshire Cat Rescue from the donors, and then pay it direct into Yorkshire Cat Rescue’s bank account.    (top of page)

Do online sites make a charge? A fee is charged by Virgin Money Giving and by Just Giving, and by the credit card companies.  Typically, a £10 donation with gift aid (total value £12.50) will generate £12.15 for Yorkshire Cat Rescue from Virgin Money Giving and £11.74 from Just Giving.  If you ignore the gift aid amounts and aim for a raised total of £1000 it is likely that YCR will receive the £1000 that you raise/donated.

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What is a ticker? A ticker is a fun way to help you plan, show your supporters how you’re doing and to let other people looking at our site see how much you’ve raised.  You simply set your target and then as you collect the money amend the amount raised – the ticker moves along from left to right, showing how much you’ve raised and how much you still have to go.  You can use this with or instead of a fundraising page.  (top of page)

When do I send the money to Yorkshire Cat Rescue? That will depend on you and the type of event you’re holding.  You may prefer to send the money piecemeal to Yorkshire Cat Rescue – a cheque or online payment every month or whenever you reach (say) £100.  This might be easier for you if you are holding smaller events or saving an amount each month.  On the other hand you may prefer to collect all the money and send it in one go.  This would be the case if you were holding a single event or activity to reach your target.                                   (top of page)

Yorkshire Cat Rescue questions

What does Yorkshire Cat Rescue need this money for? Yorkshire Cat Rescue is one of the few Cat Rescue and rehoming Centres covering the western part of West Yorkshire, the southern part of North Yorkshire and the eastern part of Lancashire.  Their centre is tiny, and because of this they run a long waiting list, and are often obliged to turn callers away.  There is an urgent need for a New Centre so that more cats can be helped.  The current site is privately owned and will only be available until the year 2022, so the search is on for a new site … and the money to buy it!      (top of page)

Why isn’t Yorkshire Cat Rescue raising this money? Yorkshire Cat Rescue is working incredibly hard to raise money and awareness for the New Centre, but for a small charity with a limited budget, limited staff numbers and limited time, it is an uphill task.  The priority on a day to day basis has to be the cats and kittens needing help now, and raising the money to fund that.  This campaign is to concentrate on the New Centre and all money raised from the appeal will be used to that end.    (top of page)