Contact and Register

Contact and Register

Thank you for nominating yourself or your group as a Champion.  You can either go ahead and raise or donate your £1000 and send it directly to us, or you can register by completing the registration form below.  You will be featured on our Champions page, but if you wish to remain anonymous we will not identify you on the page.  We will set up a ticker for you and we can set up a fundraising page with a link so that your supporters can donate directly.

If you prefer to set up a fundraising page using  Virgin Money Giving or Just Giving, please do so.  We will add your details to our Champions list if your target is listed as £1000.  Click on the names (Virgin Money Giving or Just Giving) to create a fundraising page.

To send money, please:

  • Post a cheque made payable to Yorkshire Cat Rescue to the address below.  Please write “1000Champions” on the reverse together with the name or number of the Champion.  Please sign a Gift Aid declaration if you can – it will make your donation go further.  Please tell us how you raised the money, or if it was a donation.
  • Pay by credit card, by telephoning 01535 647184 and tell the person who answers that you wish to donate by credit card.  You’ll need to give your card details, your name and address and to indicate that the donation is for a Champion Appeal.  Please also tell us when calling if you would like to Gift Aid your donation.

Donate with Gift Aid - make your donation go further

Gift Aid declaration
Yorkshire Cat Rescue
Lower Pierce Close
Cross Roads
BD22 9AQ
Yorkshire Cat Rescue will record your name and contact details for the purposes of this campaign and may contact you in connection with it.  They may also contact you for other purposes, eg newsletters and bulletins. Please indicate your contact preference in the form below.
We will add an abbreviation of the name of the Champion (eg Milly J, Mrs W, Company Ltd) to our Champions page together with a few comments.  If, as a Champion, you do not wish to be identified at all, please indicate accordingly when registering (below) or sending your money.

For other enquiries, please send an email to – if you don’t receive an automatic acknowledgement please check your spam.

Your Name:

Your address (inc postcode):

Your Email:

What are your plans?

Please tell us briefly how you intend to raise £1000. Your ideas will be useful for your supporters to view, and may encourage others to donate or even to register as Champions themselves

What eBay name will you be using?

If you intend to sell on eBay as part of your challenge. In a separate email, please send your password and we will set you up as a direct seller. Further information will be given once we have registered you as a Champion. Please read the declutter information on the ideas page, it will help you plan how to sell on eBay and how to get the money to Yorkshire Cat Rescue.

Can you Gift Aid your donation(s)?

If you pay UK tax in the tax year you make your donation, you can allow Yorkshire Cat Rescue to claim back the tax you've paid on the amount of your donation. You can only do this if the amount is donated or the money from the item you've sold is donated. If you've bought something to sell you cannot gift aid the amount. See our FAQ page for more information.

Do you want help with design work etc (eg posters)?
Yes pleaseNo thank you
By requesting help with design work you are authorising us to pass your name and email to another supporter who will contact you direct to offer help.

Do you want help with marketing your event or campaign?Yes pleaseNo thanks
By requesting help with marketing you are authorising us to pass your name and email to another supporter who will contact you direct to offer help.

Can you supply a photo of yourself, your event, a pet or an avatar?

We will put your photo (or other image) on the Champions Gallery. If you prefer not to use your own photo, we will use one of our bright file images.

May we send you our newsletters?

We would like to keep you informed about our work. Please note, if you select the "no contact at all" option, we will send you an acknowledgment of this email and receipts for direct payments received, but no other communication.

How or where did you hear about 1000Champions?

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?

Thank you for registering as a 1000 Champion. We will be in touch shortly to give you your Champions Number and to send you links to your ticker and/or fundraising page (if requested). Thank you for helping us to help Yorkshire Cat Rescue.

Your details will not be sold or given to any third party, however we may use them to write to you.