Champions Gallery

Champions Gallery

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Champion 38, Leah T

Leah has loads of fundraising plans which she plans to advertise at work and on Facebook.



Champion 37, Rebecca

Rebecca is planning on running several challenge events, including 10km runs, half marathons, marathons and even an ultra marathon!  Rebecca is fundraising in memory of her cat, Echo who is pictured.  She is also asking for support from customers at her cattery and kennels business.



Champion 36, Pam

A long-term supporter and volunteer, Pam wants to raise £1000 to help Yorkshire Cat Rescue find a bigger site to help more cats.  She started her campaign by donating the monetary value of her supermarket points (£100) and the rest is thanks to her ability to resist cake and chocolate … every time she avoids temptation she puts the cost of the chocolate or cake towards her campaign.



Champion 35, Racie Katie

Racie Katie is the nickname of beautiful black Katie.  Her loving human mummy is celebrating Katie’s wonderful long happy life by raising £1000 to help more needy cats and kittens, and to let Katie know she will never be forgotten.



Champion 34, Harriet

Harriet is doing her Champions Challenge in memory of her lovely tabby girl, Keek.

She will raise money through an afternoon tea party, a psychic evening and raffles throughout the year.

You can donate to Harriet’s challenge by clicking here.



Champion 33, Sarah M

Sarah is going to use her skills to bake cakes and bread, knit scarves and shrugs, brew Lemoncello, weave Christmas wreaths and stir up some home-made chutney.  The proceeds of the sales of these will go towards her challenge.



Champion 32, Tina F - TARGET REACHED

In memory of her lovely cat Mango, gone but never forgotten, Tina donated money she made from doing overtime at work.

Champion 31, Elizabeth M

Elizabeth already fosters for Yorkshire Cat Rescue and felt that she wanted to do a little more.  So she has set up her challenge to raise money at local car boot sales and to save loose change.  A great way to make a steady journey towards £1000.  The cat pictured is a kitten Elizabeth fostered for YCR who is now happy in a loving home.


Champion 30, John and Marilyn - TARGET REACHED

John and Marilyn’s oldest cat, Ellie came from (what was ) Haworth Cat Rescue 11 years ago.  They say “she has been a joy (and still is). Since then, whenever we have met people from Yorkshire Cat Rescue at the centre, or in the Keighley shop, we have been really impressed by their friendliness.  Having started volunteering in the Halifax shop, we are even more impressed by the commitment, drive and enthusiasm by everyone that we have come across in the organisation.  For such a great cause, how could we not donate?”  Because John and Marilyn were able to Gift Aid their donation, Yorkshire Cat Rescue gained an extra £250 towards their New Centre.

Champion 29, Yoga Wellbeing, Keighley - TARGET REACHED

The lovely SJ Fortune adopted Alfie in 2011.  Alfie had neurological problems which made him wobble.  He was an old fella and enjoyed two years living with SJ before he passed away. SJ then adopted Cheryl the (ex)-feral and one-eyed Frankie.

As a tribute to Alfie, SJ organised an 8 hour yogathon at her Keighley Studio, Yoga Wellbeing.  SJ was joined on the day by Annalea, Josie, Louise, Eva and Holly.

Champion 28, Lorraine W - TARGET REACHED

Lorraine adopted a kitten from Yorkshire Cat Rescue in June 2013, and was so impressed with the enthusiasm and determination shown by staff and volunteers that she decided to become a Champion.  Lorraine will sell handmade items – bags, jewellery, jams, cakes and cards amongst other things, and would also like to do a sponsored walk or cycle ride and offer tarot readings and reiki sessions for donations to her challenge.

Lorraine is fundraising as a tribute to Rosie (pictured) who died last year.

You can follow Lorraine’s progress on Facebook

Champion 27, anonymous - TARGET REACHED

Champion 27 became aware of our appeal by volunteering at our centre and adopting a cat from the ones in our care.  She dedicates her appeal to her late cat, Arthur who was almost 20 when he passed away.  Champion 27 sold home made cat toys in a local pet store, saved coppers and small change, and ran raffles or similar events.

Champion 26, Barbara N - TARGET REACHED

Barbara raised £1000 towards our Champions appeal by asking work colleagues to sponsor her for her first attempt at challenge running – the Great North Run.  Barbara lives in London, has never visited Yorkshire Cat Rescue and found out about our charity when searching online.  She provides an excellent example of a cat lover who, by stepping out of her comfort zone, can help a cause that isn’t even local to her.  Kudos to Barbara, and to every Champion doing their bit to build our new centre.

Champion 25, Hazel M

Hazel will be making a donation from every e-book that she sells. At the time of signing up to be a Champion, Hazel has one e-book published, The Dreamchasers, but aims to have other titles out shortly.  You can find The Dreamchasers here, or on Amazon available to buy as an e-book.

Champion 24, Charlotte and Megan

Charlotte and Megan volunteered at Yorkshire Cat Rescue’s Centre, where they helped with cat care and with socialising the cats. They heard about 1000 Champions whilst volunteering and aim to reach their target by running stalls and games.


Champion 23, Oliver and Rosie - TARGET REACHED

Oliver and his wife Rosie together raised £1000 as Champion 23. Their first project was to ask for donations instead of Christmas presents. Then they did some sponsored events and car boot sales. Oliver enjoyed fundraising so much that he has signed up to  the Late Summer Triathalon at Skipton to raise more funds.  You can sponsor Oliver HERE

Champion 22, Jane B - TARGET REACHED

Champion 22 is Jane who has been supporting Yorkshire Cat Rescue for many years with monthly coffee mornings. Jane’s coffee mornings were the inspiration for one of the ideas we suggested for fundraising for Champions. Jane however raised her first £600 by selling items on eBay – there are many ways you can be a champion and Jane demonstrates the variety of ways that you can raise your £1000.

Champion 21, Dianne M

Champion number 21 is Dianne who heard about 1000 Champions on Facebook. Dianne wants to use various ways to raise money to reach her target of £1000 for Yorkshire Cat Rescue, and she hopes to raise awareness about the new centre too.


Champion 20, Judith W

Judith heard about 1000 Champions when she visited Yorkshire Cat Rescue’s centre to donate items for sale. Inspired by the campaign she has signed up as Champion 20 and will raise money by selling on eBay. You can find 1000 Champions on eBay by clicking here, and if you are a Champion you can sign up to be a direct seller so that all the funds you raise go towards your target. 

Champion 19, Angie R - TARGET REACHED

Angie ran the London Marathon for Yorkshire Cat Rescue (then Haworth Cat Rescue) in 2011, raising around £2000. She has been bitten by the running bug and to reach her target of £1000 she took part in the Great North Run in September 2012 and  the Paris Marathon in April 2013.

Champion 18, Lisa M

Lisa will be doing car boot sales and pet-sitting to reach her target. She also aims to do the Welsh 15 peak challenge and get lots of sponsorship for this great event.


Champion 17, Emma W

Emma will be selling special ‘Yorkshire Cat Rescue’ chutneys and jams. She has a number of craft fairs and galas coming up this year and will donate all money raised from selling the designated Cat chutneys. Emma ran the Leeds Half Marathon in 2013.


Champion 16, Cathy G

Cathy is a volunteer at Yorkshire Cat Rescue. She ran the Charity Mascot race at Wetherby Racecourse on as part of her challenge. She will also sell cakes at work, and undertake carboot sales and eBay sales.


Champion 15, Graeme and John

Graeme and John plan to raise £1000 over a period of two years by holding small fundraising events, including sponsored events, a collection tin at work and selling on eBay. They also intend to divert some of their annual giving to their challenge.


Champion 14, Richard S

Richard has been meaning to try to do more exercise for a while so what better way than to do it while supporting Yorkshire Cat Rescue? Richard has 2 rescue cats, Fluffy (pictured) is an ex-YCR resident. He has run the Amsterdam Marathon and is now contemplating a Glasgow to Edinburgh bike ride. Maybe he will go for a Half-Marathon to help reach his £1000 target.


Champion 13, eBay MDCC group - TARGET REACHED

Ebay MDCC Group is a group of friends who sell online on ebay. The group pledged to raise £1000 between them between March 2012 and March 2013, but in fact raised the money in six months. They collected coppers, held daft auctions, challenged themselves to do all sorts of things and generally had fun. You can find 1000 Champions listings on eBay by clicking here. They then increased their target to £1500 and have exceeded that Our first team of champions, and what a result – they showed how many heads can be better than one!

Champion 12, Joelle and Debbie

Joelle and Debbie plan to share the 1000 challenge and raise £500 each. They both have cats – Molly, Poppy and Sweep and are both cat lovers. Joelle has raised £500 by saving £1 a day and doing car boot sales.  By Gift Aiding her donation she has raised £625.  Debbie is going to sell cupcakes to her co-workers and sell her own made jewellery.


Champion 11, Jane M - TARGET REACHED

Jane adopted two kittens – Eric and Ernie – from Haworth Cat Rescue and already has several other cats. Jane gets paid monthly and donated £100 per month until she reached her target. Because Jane donated with Gift Aid, Yorkshire Cat Rescue was able to claim a further £250 on top of the £1000 Jane donated.

Champion 10, Lee D - TARGET REACHED

Lee is a regular supporter of Yorkshire Cat Rescue, and has chosen to make a donation of £1000 in one go. Yorkshire Cat Rescue is grateful to Lee for his ongoing support and for his donation to this appeal. By Gift Aiding his donation, Lee was able to donate £250 – Yorkshire Cat Rescue claimed this back from the tax man.

Champion 9, Gill G - TARGET REACHED

Gill made jewellery and donated the profits to her challenge. She also sold things on ebay to get to her total. Gill sadly lost her mum shortly before she signed up to be a Champion and started her appeal with a donation in her memory.  By Gift Aiding her donations, Gill exceeded her total.


Champion 8, Lydia J

Lydia is going to do ten challenges and make £100 on each of them.

Champion 7, Poppy Chops' mum - TARGET REACHED

Poppy Chops’ Mum is going to ask her colleagues to contribute to her campaign. She works for a large employer and has access to around 500 people, she has been doing “guess the name” games as well as asking colleagues for donations. Poppy Chops’ Mum will also be running bric a brac stalls at her local market. Poppy was one of 20 kittens that Yorkshire Cat Rescue took in as an emergency when they were abandoned in a garden near Leeds. Poppy Chops needed a lot of care but is now growing into a loving big cat.

Champion 6, Sarah W

Sarah is going to raise money by selling things on eBay and by selling home made cards.

Champion 5, Susan H - TARGET REACHED

Susan says “Sadly, my brother died a few months ago and left me some money and I have now decided who better to share it with than yourselves and the cats. All animals ask for is a little kindness, some food and comfort and for that they bring so much joy to peoples’ lives. This cannot be bought at any price”.
By Gift Aiding her donation, Susan has exceeded her target by over £200.

Champion 4, Jules B - TARGET REACHED

Jules did all sorts of things including a sponsored walk, baking some cakes to sell, holding a summer drinks party (hosted by her and Pepe her cat!) and  selling some unused items.  She also kept a jar to donate money to each week, and cat sat for a friend – asking for a donation to her challenge in lieu of payment. Jules is a volunteer at Yorkshire Cat Rescue’s Cross Roads centre. By Gift Aiding her donations, Jules exceeded her target.

Champion 3, Isabel R

Isabel is already a volunteer at Yorkshire Cat Rescue, and having seen 1000Champions on Facebook, determined that she would become a Champion too.  Isabel will do ebay sales, will do a boot sale, sponsored walk round Ogden Water, and is planning a dog show to be held in the summer.   We like the idea of dogs fundraising for cats!

Champion 2, Sara A - Target reached

In memory of her lovely blind cat, Vivian, and other beautiful cats she has had the pleasure to know in the past, Sara donated £1 per day.  It took nearly three years to reach her target and by gift aiding her donations she raised a further £127.

Champion 1, Sam D - TARGET REACHED

Sam is going to split the challenge in to 10 and to raise £100 for each tenth. Plan 1 is to go through all the cds she doesn’t listen to and ebay them, plan 2 is to make something to sell at some of the Yorkshire Cat Rescue events that happen throughout the year, plan 3 is to get a ‘charity button’ on her Facebook page so her friends can give too. Watch this space for the next seven plans…

By Gift Aiding her donations, Sam raised an extra £257 from her donations.  Well done!