1000 Champions

1000 Champions

1000 Champions is our special appeal, opened in 2012, and which aims to raise the money to buy land on which to site our new centre and commence the construction of the pens and ancilliary buildings.

Because we need a large amount of money before we can even start to look for a site, we are unable to utilise the few trusts and foundations who support animal charities.  We will struggle to raise all the money from our normal fundraising activities, as our efforts are aimed at running our centre and meeting our on-going bills.

1000 Champions aims to find 1000 individuals, groups, organisations or companies who will each raise or donate £1000 towards the appeal.

Read the Champions Gallery aside to see what our Champions are doing to raise £1000, and to see the ideas, suggestions and successes for ideas to get you started.

If you wish to make a donation towards our appeal, please follow this link and make your donation in your preferred method, clearly  marking it “New Centre Appeal”.

Or donate via Paypal using the button below (please indicate if you would like to Gift Aid your donation, or if the donation is for a particular Champion’s campaign).

Thank you.