Report a Lost Cat

Report a Lost Cat

Please use this form to tell Yorkshire Cat Rescue about a cat you have lost.

Date lost: Please be as precise as possible - "a week ago" isn't as useful to us as an actual date "eg 23 June 2016"

Colour of cat: If the cat is (eg) predominantly black with bits of white, choose "black and white". If it is predominantly white with bits of black, choose "white and black"

Is the cat a pedigree cat?

What breed is the cat? If the cat is a pedigree cat, please state breed.

Fur length:
Is the cat neutered?
Is the cat microchipped? If your lost cat is microchipped please inform the microchip company that it is missing and ensure your contact details are up to date.

Age (if known): IMPORTANT: Please do not estimate. Select an age only if it is actually known

Is the cat wearing a collar?
Collar colour (if applicable) :

Distinguishing features:
Please tell us the colour distribution and other distinguishing features. Please be as precise as possible. The more you tell us, the better chance we have of matching it. If you just write (eg) "black and white" we will have less chance of matching it than if you write (eg) "black head and body, white feet and chest". Please use this section to notify any other features such as missing limbs or tail.

If you can forward photos of the cat it will greatly help with matching any similar cats reported. Photos should show face and any distinguishing features.

Photos can be attached (see below) or should be sent to and include the surname of the contact person in the subject line.

Photo of face of cat:
Photo of side of cat:
Photo of side or underside of cat:
Other photo:

Precise location lost: Please include the town or village and first part of the postcode, eg Haworth BD22

Any other relevant comments
Please tell us anything that might be helpful - eg if the cat was pregnant, new to the area, may have travelled in a vehicle...etc

Your First Name
Your Surname

The name of the person to whom matches will be advised. We will give this out to callers with possible matches. THIS IS NOT THE NAME OF THE CAT!

Address of above-named

Postcode of above-named
We will give callers the general area, but not the full address (eg Haworth).

Phone number
Please include your STD code if using a landline. We recommend you give a mobile number. We will give this to callers reporting a matching cat.


We will use this to alert you to any possible matches, and to acknowledge receipt of this form.

I confirm that I am happy for contact details to be given to callers to Yorkshire Cat Rescue who may report details of a matching cat

Your details will not be sold or given to any third party, however we may use them to write to you.