Leaflets and Posters

Leaflets and Posters

Please feel free to download the posters, information leaflets and advice sheets below.  We are happy for you to share them online or offline but would appreciate you mentioning that they originated from Yorkshire Cat Rescue.


I own a cat (every cat owner should have one of these, it could save your cat’s life!)

I Own A Cat poster - print and disply

I Own A Cat

Homes needed

Please download, print and display

Homes needed

Help find homes for unwanted cats and kittens

Help us

Information leaflets

The Big Yorkshire Cat Rescue Survey 2016

Are there too many cats in the UK? Read the results of our survey

YCR Survey

Garden Cats

What happens to kittens that are born outside

Garden Cats

Mating myths

10 excuses people use not to neuter

Mating myths

The Big Yorkshire Cat Rescue Survey 2013

Read the results of our survey of cat owners

YCR Survey

Yorkshire Cat Rescue Guides

 Please feel free to download and use our guides

Cats & babies live happily ever after

Cats and babies

Inappropriate toileting - ways to solve it

Inappropriate toileting

How to care for your purry pensioner

Older Cats

How to manage your own 'colony'

Cats living together

Keep your purry furry nice and trim

Fat Cats

How to keep your indoor-only cat happy

Indoor Cats

Cats & dogs can be best friends

Cats and dogs

Helping Yorkshire Cat Rescue

The following downloads are ways you can help us.  Please download and use.  Thank you

Download this to Gift Aid your donation of money

Gift Aid - cash donations

Download this if you can gift aid items you are donating for us to sell

Gift Aid - stock donations

Please download, complete and send us this form if you can afford to make a regular donation

Standing Order Form

Would you like to knit cat nip mice for us to sell or blankets for us to use?

Cat nip mice and blankets

Fancy doing a sponsored event to raise funds? Go on, you know you do!

Sponsor form