Our wish list

Perhaps you’d like to donate by buying things for our use or to gift direct to the cats at our centre or in our foster homes.

Here are some of the ways you can help. Every item you buy helps us, it cuts down the amount of time we have to spend fundraising for day to day items, and gives us more time to spend with the cats.

Remember, for every packet of food or small piece of equipment you buy for our cats, the more we can concentrate on fundraising and saving for the bigger items.

If you can help with any of the items on our wishlist please send them to:  Yorkshire Cat Rescue, The Farm, Lower Pierce Close, Cross Roads, Keighley BD22 9AQ.  Please let us know that you have ordered something for us, or at least include your name in the delivery so that we can let you know your gift has arrived safely.   Thank you so much.

We also have a list of items that won’t cost you anything – can you donate for our use?

Our Amazon Wishlist

Visit Yorkshire Cat Rescue's wishlist on AmazonHere you can find all sorts of things we need on a day to day basis – food, toys and equipment.  Thank you for donating in this way.  You can find our Amazon Wish List by clicking on the link aside  (Please sign up for Give As You Live before you buy – it won’t cost you a penny but you will add funds to our coffers simply by using it).  Thank you!


Equipment at our Centre

Could you buy one of the following for us?  The following items are things we need to help us run the rescue on a day to day basis.


Help Yorkshire Cat Rescue with a gift today

Simba demonstrates the lovely Cat Napper bed

Cleo Cat Napper – these are brilliant – the cats can curl up nice and warm and off the ground, but they can see what is going on.  It is very important for cats in rescue centres that they feel relaxed – it helps them get homes much quicker.

The Cat Nappers are easy to wash and don’t take up a lot of floor space.  If the cat is feeling particularly nervous it can also hide underneath the Napper.   We need at least two of these for each pen we have, and we have twenty pens!

If you would like to buy a Cat Napper for us to use at our rescue centre, please click on the image which will take you to the website which sells them.  Please have it sent to our rehoming centre address (see above).


Buy a cage for Yorkshire Cat Rescue to help tame a feral kitten

Help us tame a feral kitten


Feral kitten cage – we use these to tame up kittens who have been born in gardens.  Without taming, the kittens would be destined to live as feral cats in barns or stables. Whilst that is a good option for those cats who cannot be tamed, it is relatively straightforward to tame a kitten.

The cages help enormously.  The three levels mean that the kitten can have its litter tray on the bottom, food in the middle and bed on the top level.  This also meets the kitten’s needs to be high up, and puts the kitten at eye level which helps our fosterers communicate with it.

We would like to have at least twenty of these cages so we can tame multiple litters at the same time (we separate the kittens so they tame up quicker).  Click on the image aside to buy a cage (please send it to our address above).


Buy a Feline Fort for Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Bella and kits demonstrating the feelings of safety a Feline Fort brings them

Feline Forts – this is specially designed equipment which helps to make cats in rescue centres feel safe.  They build on the cats’ natural requirements to hide and to be high up off the ground to feel safe.

The table is sturdy and the cats can sit on it or under it.  The step can be positioned at either side or underneath and has a special “mousehole” shaped hole so the cat can hide underneath if it wishes.  The hide box can be placed on top of the table or used independently.  Again, the cat can hide underneath it or once it feels braver it can sit on top – like Bella in the picture.

They are made of a durable plastic that can be washed and disinfected time and time again.

If you would like to buy all or part of a Feline Fort, please send the appropriate amount to our address (see above) as we buy them direct from the manufacturer at a reduced rate for rescue centres.  Please state whether you’d like to buy the whole Fort (£120) or just the hide box (£27) plus £20 delivery.  We need 40 of these, and so far we have eighteen.


Help a nervous cat take shelter at Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Outdoor pod

Cat pods, or cat shelters, are really useful in our cat pens.  The pens are covered by a roof, but for nervous cats – or any cat on a cold day – the pods provide extra shelter and extra feelings of safety.

The cats can sit in the pods and watch the comings and goings which helps them to feel safe, and helps them to find homes quicker.

They are easy to clean and disinfect and can be used for many years.  Wooden ones, which some people prefer, harbour disease so we prefer these plastic ones.

We need 20 of these and so far we have seven.  Please click on the image of the pod, or on our Wishlist link above to donate a pod for us.   Thank you.

Kitty Ambulance

Can you donate a new van to Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Can you donate a van for our use?

We currently have one van, but we are increasingly struggling to do all the jobs that need doing – vet trips, cash and carry runs, collecting cats or kittens coming to our centre and collecting donated goods for our shop.  This means that sometimes cats are transported in inappropriate vehicles, such as volunteers’ cars, which may not have been disinfected since the last cat was transported, or sometimes they are packed in amongst boxes of donated goods.

We urgently need a second van.

Do you know a dealership who might donate a van to us – we would happily have advertising on the van for their company.  Ideally we’d like something like a Citroen Nemo.  Please get in touch using the contact details above.

In the meantime we are trying to raise the money ourselves – would you like to donate a small amount?  Please click here if you can donate, and tell all your friends about our appeal.  Every little helps!

Thank you.