Cat which nearly lost his legs is hoping for new home for Christmas

A cat hit by a car who nearly lost his leg is on the mend thanks to a local charity and a dedicated foster carer.

Declan after his operation, on cage rest

Declan after his operation, on cage rest

Declan was found at the side of the road having been hit by a car, and was taken to Holly House Veterinary Hospital in Leeds where staff performed emergency surgery on, amongst other things, his fractured hip and jaw.

At the time, Declan was facing a leg amputation and the loss of function in one of his back legs, but the vet decided to see if intensive rehabilitation might be enough to save his mobility. When Sam Davies, centre manager at Yorkshire Cat Rescue, heard about his plight, she immediately offered to help and called experienced foster carer, Nicola Spence.

Sam explains: ” Everyone knew his chances of a fit and fulfilling life were greatest with all four paws on the ground. It was clear that Declan would need intensive physiotherapy and also that he would have to be on cage rest for most of the time to begin with. Both are things Nicola has a lot of experience with and luckily for him, she said ‘yes’.”

Getting a fuss

Getting a fuss

Over the past few weeks, Declan has been receiving intensive physiotherapy and massages four times daily.

Nicola says: “He is such a clever boy and last night he stood without wobbling for the first time. It has been tough for both of us and he has been rather cross with me at times when we first began his treatment programme, but now that we are starting to see the results everyone’s spirits are picking up.”

Aside from the physical therapy, Declan needed lots of cuddles and attention.

Nicola says: “It is really tough for a cat to be confined to a cage all day long; they need lots of attention and that, in turn, builds a very special bond. Declan has a fighting spirit, but he is also a real softie. Having cared for cats with severe injuries before, I knew how attached you get to them and I’m fully expecting this boy to break my heart when he leaves. But for now, I’m investing every spare hour I have into his rehabilitation – he still has a long way to go.”

Finally standing without wobbling

Finally standing without wobbling

Now that he is doing better, Declan is allowed out of his cage while Nicola is in the room, but jumping is still strictly off limits. “If I can see he wants to snuggle up on the footstool, I gently put him there. He really appreciates it and stays there for hours. It’s those little signs that you learn to recognise when you spend all day with a cat.”

Yorkshire Cat Rescue has put a Lost notice out about Declan, but because he isn’t microchipped, chances of his owners realising where he is are slim.

But hopefully the future for this boy is still bright, as Sam explains: “He is still on the road to recovery and we are so grateful to Nicola for stepping in and giving him this chance. It is because of her that he still has the use of all four legs. If we can’t find Declan’s rightful owners, he will be put up for adoption – hopefully around Christmas time.”

Nicola sends a special thanks you to the practice that saved Declan: “I have to say a heartfelt thank you to vet nurse, Laura from Holly House. She has been a huge support for me; always taking the time to answer my questions about Declan’s care.”

To fix all of Declan’s problems will require a lot of veterinary care. Even with the charity’s 20% discount, the vet has estimated that it will cost £1578. To help pay for Declan’s medical bills please visit