Adopt A Cat

Adopt A Cat

You can see a list of cats that are available for adoption hereWesley

When you decide that you would like to adopt a cat, we will ask you some questions about your home and experience to enable us to match you with an appropriate furry companion.  It may be that there isn’t a suitable cat when you first contact us, and if this is the case we will ask you to get back in touch with us in a few weeks.

When you visit our Centre you will be shown the cats who we feel are suitable for your home, and then you will be able to spend some time with the cats, which should help you to make a decision.


Lucy Kitten - OreoWe are committed to reducing the number of unwanted cats and kittens by humane methods.  This means that we do not put healthy animals to sleep, nor do we abort pregnant cats. We do, however, neuter all kittens as well as adult cats who come into our centre.  We neuter kittens when they weigh 1 kilogram (around ten weeks of age).  Until that time they remain in temporary foster homes where they are handled and learn to trust people.   We will reserve kittens on the understanding that the person reserving the kitten will collect it on a date previous agreed with us.  We’ll only reserve kittens once we are confident that there are unlikely to be health issues.  At the time the kitten is reserved, we will expect full payment of our fee.  This is non-returnable unless the kitten dies before the adoption is completed.  We will not reserve a cat or kitten for you just before you depart on holiday as it blocks a pen at our centre and means we are unable to offer a place to another needy cat.

We would not normally rehome an adult female to a home which already has an adult female living there. This is because cats have a matriarchal hierarchy (the female cats are the boss cats!).  They do not appreciate new females coming into their territory, and it can cause friction.   Two or more related female cats who have lived together all their lives will have established a hierarchy and will usually live together in harmony.

You can see a list of cats that are available for adoption here

The Adoption Process

We charge a fee per cat, which makes some contribution towards the costs we have incurred to have the cat neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and treated for worms and fleas.  The fee depends on the age, medical history and sometimes temperament of the cat.  You can expect to pay around £80 per cat.  If you are able to make a donation in addition to the fee, this will be welcomed.   You will normally be able to take the cat home as long as you have a suitable carrying basket (we have carriers for sale at our centre).


Many of the cats we rehome qualify for four weeks complimentary pet insurance, courtesy of PetPlan.  We would strongly recommend that you continue to insure your cat and we would recommend a whole life policy. Some of our staff and volunteers are trained as  PetPlan Insurance Advisors.  Please ask for more details about insurance when you visit Petplan’s website.

If the cat is elderly or has a chronic medical condition we may assist with certain vet bills. We will discuss this with you when you visit, as this will vary from cat to cat.  Such conditions may not qualify for pet insurance.   We do this because we prefer to see an elderly or chronically ill cat in a home where he or she can receive one-to-one attention from someone, rather than spending time at our rescue centre, where despite our best efforts, they will receive less attention. Please note, we will only reserve cats for a couple of days, so you should arrange to visit us when you are ready to take the cat.

Please follow the link to see the cats we have available for adoption at the centre here.

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