Our People

Disappointingly, running a cat rescue isn’t all just about playing with fluffy kittens! Oh how everyone wishes that was the case!

There is a lot of serious stuff going on behind the scenes by a dedicated group of people – some paid staff, but the majority volunteers.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue has a Board of Trustees who determine the policies of the Charity and oversee its running and procedures.  There are currently seven trustees.

We employ five paid staff at our centre. They manage the cats, the running of the centre and oversee fundraising. And of course we wouldn’t be where we are today without the assistance of volunteers who have supported Yorkshire Cat Rescue over the years and who perform a multitude of tasks.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue (Trading Enterprises) Ltd is our trading company and we run our charity shops through this company. The company donates 100% of its profits to Yorkshire Cat Rescue and this money is invaluable to us in the undertaking of our work.  Yorkshire Cat Rescue (Trading Enterprises) Ltd has two directors and a Managing Director, and employs ten part time staff in the charity shops.  Again, volunteer support is essential in the shops, ensuring that donated goods are sold for maximum profits to assist our cats.

It goes without saying that the cats and kittens at the centre are at the heart of what we do. They get plenty of quality care and attention. But we must not forget the staff and volunteers who undertake the non-furry but absolutely vital jobs behind the scenes – often from home and during evenings and weekends.